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  1. "NO (keep the 150km/h)" Please do not restrict us with a lower speed limit, instead hand out longer bans for people that drive reckless and crash in to other people. Wasn't there already a simulation server with a speed limit? Yeah there was, it was the one that was always empty. #150
  2. Happy birthday!:wub:

    1. PrinceOfJerusalem


      Thank you Milady ;)

  3. Imho 150kph is fast enough, its still easy to stay in control even in corners. I'd rather see the annoying scout cars removed or their physics changed, whenever i get hit by a in a car my truck flies up in the air.
  4. I guess everyone plays the game the way they like to play it, i use single player for my simming and multiplayer for some 150kph action, I love hearing that Scania turbo whistle when going fast. Recently bought a TH8A shifter and nothing beats the feeling of shifting down a gear and putting the pedal to the metal
  5. @FernandoCR [ESP] I already have the in game slider all the way to the right so i'm not sure what it's value is right now. edit: I would like to have the stability at what it was before the 1.32 update.
  6. Might be a stupid question but I'll ask it anyway, the trailer stability option in the console does not work for multiplayer?
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