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  1. I like this one for now https://imgur.com/a/eCJJjvV
  2. Not Much Special Transport Michelin Fan Pack Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack Wheel Tuning Pack Cabin Accessories High Power Cargo Pack Going East! Scandinavia Raven Truck Design Pack DAF XF Tuning Pack Krone Trailer Pack Heavy Cargo Pack Spanish Paint Jobs Pack Rocket League Promo And ATS, uhhhhhhhhhhh idek
  3. 110 KMph is already enough, it will be crazy if trucks go above 150 KMph (singleplayer), usually they will fail at turning and braking ( most devastating with the cars ). I mean i get it sometimes people like to stick with the speed limit and want to overtake the player because their slow, well it aint Forza Horizon or Grand Turismo. itS a dARn siMulATOr
  4. Halo semuanya! Nama = James Steam ID = crapbox V2 Komunitas = tiada Domisili = Jakarta Selatan
  5. Are they making a Tuning DLC for Renault?? I have the money to buy it right now
  6. But i still see people with triples. But why? Some people says "This trailer is Bannable" but ive read the rules and HCT are allowed.
  7. Yes, but dont drive triples in the C-D roads. HCT trailers are allowed as well
  8. I would like if the Skoda SuperB (Scout ExtraD) changed or swapped with the 2018 Audi A4
  9. Some people are in the speed limit like for example 60 km/h. Maybe they dont wanna crash or they have a External Contract or External market.
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