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  1. Hello I am familiar with this problem but on ETS2. When I had the wrong version of ETS2 (ATS in your case) it did not say anything like "Please change your version", but instead it just crashed. Under "Beta" tab, select the drop-down menu and chose a version, that TruckersMP supports right now, it will update for some time, but then your game will be ready Best regards, Mato <3
  2. Hello I know that in a lot of games, things like voice chat can be pretty "stupid". I'd suggest you to try those things if you haven't already: - Make sure, that your Microphone is set as default communication device under Sounds - Recording - I believe that default talk key is "X", but I'm not 100%, so try that - Look for any sound options in the TruckersMP Multiplayer Menu - Settings If nothing of those things works, ask me for additional help and I'll take a look on Google Best regards, Mato <3
  3. Hello Alabastra If you have Nvidia graphics cars, I'd absolutely go with Geforce Experience. But if you have AMD graphics card, you can also go with AMD Catalyst Control Center. Both of that software is nicely optimized and they work great. For last option, I'd not suggest, but still anyways, OBS. But OBS really ruins everything, it literally splits your FPS and makes games unplayable for LOW-end PC-s and also MID-ranged PC-s. If you have any additional questions about how to set up recording, you can just post it here, I'd be happy to help you. Best regards, Mato <3
  4. First thing would be probably just basic stuff... Check integrity of game files Go on steam, right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and chose Properties. Click on "Local Files" tab Verify integrity of game files If that won't work, try uninstalling and DLC (Mods) you have or reinstall the game. Best regards, Mato <3
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