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  1. At the time of typing EU3 is no longer available otherwise I would've suggested it
  2. If there's no space on EU1 then use EU2 and if EU2 is full then the arcade server is there.
  3. Have you fully deleted it? As it could still be in your recycle bin. If that’s the case then go into your recycle bin select the folder in question and click on restore.
  4. You’re currently serving a ban and you’re talking/complaining on the forums about it of which isn’t allowed. If you want my opinion then follow the rules, drive with the consideration of others and don’t do anything that’ll end up with you getting banned (again) Rules are rules and everyone has to follow them for the goodness and stability of the community and the servers. Fail to follow the rules and (as you’ve experienced) you’ll be punished for it very easily. I say this as a person/player that’s never been banned.
  5. Not a good idea to talk about bans on the forum.
  6. ^Sometimes life isn’t fair. If they’ve deleted their account then maybe that’s a good thing as they won’t ruin anyone’s enjoyment of the game.
  7. ^If/when a report is declined due to the account being deleted you then do some or all of the following: - Carry on playing your game (if you're playing a game at that time - Go outside - Do something else When the user deletes their account that you've tried to report there is literally nothing you (or an admin) can do.
  8. It's not possible. If an account isn't there it can't be reported.
  9. You can check here https://truckersmp.com/rules#3-save-editing-rules to be absolutely sure but yeah I'd have the same thoughts as you. (Thinking it's ok as it's standard)
  10. Do any of your other games do this or is it just this one?
  11. You should use the search function whilst using the forum as this question regarding the winter mod has been asked so many times I've lost count.
  12. There was a update quite a few hours ago for ATS and ETS2 that supports the new WoT xmas event as shown here: https://blog.scssoft.com/2019/12/christmas-grand-giving-event-2019.html Because of this, and at the time of typing, TMP isn't supported due to the difference in versions so you, me and everyone else will need to wait until a update from TMP becomes available. **Edit I've been made aware that you'll be able to downgrade via steam to temporary 1.36 for incompatible mods. (obviously you'll probably not be able to partake in the WoT event)
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