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  1. [ST-LH] The Englishman

    SCS - A Road to Somewhere New

    ^ That was the entire point of my post...
  2. [ST-LH] The Englishman

    SCS - A Road to Somewhere New

    Pretty sure the truck looks like a Mercedes MP3 so IF there is a new truck in the making they're keeping it a secret.
  3. Hmmm....external contracts or do my Long Haul shift...choices choices...

  4. If (some) people are going to use autism as a form of insulting someone then not only will they be reported but they will have just lost any respect you had off of me.

  5. Stunned at the sudden death of The Prodigy frontman Keith Lint.  RIP good sir, you are and always will be an absolute legend. 

  6. [ST-LH] The Englishman

    White or Dark theme?

    Dark theme, it's easier on my eyes if I happen to be browsing during the night.
  7. [ST-LH] The Englishman

    I would like to ask the administrator for feedback why not reply?

    It's been said on the forums before and no doubt will be said again and that is that staff within TMP do have lives away from TMP and "real life" as it were does come first. I'm not trying to be condescending but a little patience is needed here and I do understand where you're coming from but, again, just be patient. All things in the end will be dealt with.
  8. [ST-LH] The Englishman

    Notification when reporting a player.

    Suggestion Name: Notification when reporting a player on the reporting part of the website Suggestion Description: Include a notification of some sort that when inputting a players ID to show if player is currently serving a ban. Any example images: No, sorry. Why should it be added?: It would save people's time and even those whom have claimed a report and acted on said report as those reporting will then see that the player is already serving a ban therefore will no longer need to be reported. (Contrary to some people's beliefs I do not enjoy reporting people as it takes time out of my day) Regards [ST-LH] The Englishman Long Haul Division Driver For Stobart Trucking VTC.
  9. [ST-LH] The Englishman

    Toggle severe weather through console commands, is it possible?

    Try g_set_weather 5 (then press enter) and make sure you have the rain slider to the far right hand side, as shown here: Via the console g_set_weather5 should put the rain to maximum and g_set_weather0 turns off the rain and g_set_weather1 turns it on.
  10. A world record temperature of 20.8*C in South Wales (UK) today and we're still in winter.....Our summer is going to be a real hot one..

    1. Nathan


      What part of South Wales? It's nowhere near that where I am

    2. [ST-LH] The Englishman

      [ST-LH] The Englishman

      Seems it's gotten hotter....21.2*C in London.  I'll stick £5 on it being another record breaker tomorrow.


      As for Wales it was Porthmadog, Gwynedd, North Wales, at 1.22pm (Via Met Office)





      I'd stock up on ice cream if I were you Nathan lol

  11. With not sure what to expect the Real operations Event was actually rather enjoyable.  The small issue of many people (including myself) having abnormally high ping was a bit of a head scratcher, but all in all the staff involved were professional (as expected) and the team should be proud.  Thanks very much TMP! I'm eagerly awaiting for the next one.

  12. [ST-LH] The Englishman

    1 free game for new users! take the game you want!

    There's no negativity towards your post if you're somehow thinking that. I am however saying that everyone (mainly those on steam) should have a bit of common sense to begin with. That way the malicious message won't deal any damage to people and/or their accounts.
  13. [ST-LH] The Englishman

    1 free game for new users! take the game you want!

    I always follow the rule "If something seems too good to be true it probably isn't". Links in steam chat (and anywhere else for that matter) should always be taken with 100% caution. Thanks for posting but in my opinion common sense should be appiled when sent links from anyone. It's really the best way to be safe and stay safe.
  14. [ST-LH] The Englishman

    How much would you sell this PC for?

    @ScaniaFan89 I’m not making you out to be an idiot but if you think that lot is worth £500 + then you’re doing a good job of it on your own.
  15. [ST-LH] The Englishman

    How much would you sell this PC for?

    @Hrdee In my experience you'd be lucky to get around £200 for it. The only stand out part in the pc is the 750ti the other parts are either generic or just (sorry) old and won't really hold much value. Don't buy a hard drive for it, buy a ssd (solid state drive) it's the best way to make your pc better/faster. SSD's at the moment are very cheap, if you do go for one the least you'll want is a 120gb version but good deals can be found for a 240gb drive. @ScaniaFan89 The parts will be seen as used so the prices you're stating to the OP won't be achieveable at all. £500 is way too much for the parts listed. In my view it'll be this: AMD Fx8320E 3.6GHz (Stock Cooler) - You'll be lucky to get £60 for that (even with the stock cooler) MSI 970A-G43 Plus - This is quite an old board that uses pcie gen 2 and the older ddr3 for ram so again, if you're lucky) i'd say around £50 to £60 for this part. The case and the memory are generic and prety much not woth much in there own right so i'll say £10 for the memory and £10/£15 for the case. Now......as for the graphics card you'd be lucky to get around £60 to £90 for it. So as you can see (roughly) it's not that much so if you factor in the cost of a psu (if you ought one) and the hdd (or even a ssd) the whole price could be upped to around the £300 mark but you'll then have to think about getting a windows 10 licence. They can be bought for not very much on ebay etc. I do have to add that if you do purchase a psu then make it a good one, as the one thing you really don't want to do is cheap out on a psu. Because if you do and it goes pop it's very highly likely that itll take other parts along with it. Corsair and bequiet! are psu's i'd recommend.