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  1. Awesome....actual helpful comments in "help" section being deleted again despite it not matching anything else in the thread. plus there's the support team member sending out the wrong information (whilst deleting the correct answer(s).)   This is starting to get seriously ridiculous now.

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    2. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Hello Smalley,

      If he contacted me, I can also give some tips on replies that are helpful.

    3. Smalley


      I understand that however he would like to make a complaint by the looks of it hence why I have lead him to Feedback as it's the best way to go about this issue 

    4. [ST-LH] The Englishman

      [ST-LH] The Englishman

      I've made a previous complaint regarding a matter similar to this one but on that one the comments were the same, but on the one I've commented on the two comments (by myself) and the one by the support team member was the complete opposite of what I had said.

  2. Scandinavia, I've spent a large amount of time doing company deliveries there and near the surrounding areas, even though newer DLC has been released the Scandinavian DLC just feels overall better in my opinion.
  3. ^Dare I say this but Scandinavia is pretty quiet, even more so on Sim #2.
  4. I only ever drive on this route when I absolutely have to. The lack of respectable driving and common sense is appalling when I’ve had no choice but to drive on this route (or even part of it for that matter.) The normal-ish route that I take when doing deliveries I’m rather quite relieved that the level of driving isn’t anywhere near as bad as shown by others on the aforementioned route from Germany to France.
  5. It states that you need one or more of the dlc’s mentioned. Nowhere does it state that you need all of them to take part. For for example if you only had the France DLC you would be still able to take part in the WoT event.
  6. First of all the veteran status means nothing as I’ve reported (and they’ve subsequently received a ban) people that have been on here longer than myself so your theory of vet members being the only ones that could handle this is preposterous. Secondly this would/could take place on the arcade server where there is no collision so I fail to see how “trolls” would actually be able to troll. Thirdly, I’m sure the trailers can be pulled with the special vans being disabled. During my my time on here I’ve seen many people scream for making it real, “this is a simulator”, “we want realism” yet when they get two servers to have that realism 99% of players/drivers just drive (albeit at slightly lower speeds) like they’re on the old EU2 server. With all that being said I bring up the event known as Real Operations...that right there is the most realistic thing I’ve seen happen within TruckersMP and: 1. It’s only on for a few hours. 2. TMP staff use said vans from the Special Transport DLC anyway. Stop saying no, this can work.
  7. ^Could be done on one of the arcade servers where there's no collisions in place.
  8. In that case then buses/coaches, vans and other general vehicles should be added then if you're wanting to simulate regular traffic. To which it'll probably (not saying never) not be added due to server strain and cases of extreme lag and/or fps issues.
  9. It's a bug, will more than likely be fixed soon.
  10. That’s because the train is on a server, the same server that many people are currently using. Those people don’t need to be near the train to make it lag, they just have to be on the server. Question is how many people does it actually take to make the train lag? The answer isn’t really important as the train is protected by the barriers therefore we’ll never get hit by it. By the the way when you see a lagging train keep an eye in the sky for a static plane. Trust me it’s more better than a lagging train.
  11. Most likely cause is lag. I've seen planes in the sky not even moving. (Which is a REALLY odd sight to see)
  12. Please direct your attention to here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/announcement/94-issues-with-the-latest-update/ Regards
  13. Well since TMP is having "issues" it's a perfect time to do some Long Haul trucking on Promods :)

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