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  1. I always finish my current job and park in the nearest hotel or garage when I quit. If I really need to quit during a job I'll pull over in a fuel station or a parking area.
  2. Oh joy! I can hardly contain my excitement
  3. Bloody hell, not only a 12 minute advert but one about football? I'm so glad I use adblock right now.
  4. They are real? I haven't turned adblock off and seen an ad since it was released to see them.
  5. charcoal

    Post your car

    My ex mod one can only reach 60mph (70 if you're going with the wind) and you can't hear yourself think, it's even hard to hold a conversation at 40. Managed to get civilian ones past 80mph and not come away deaf though
  6. charcoal

    Post your car

    It's a shame, You'll always be able to find them for sale though and I like the older ones before they added in the transit engine with the nasty bonnet hump anyway. Horses for courses, even though that's what separates them from all the modern 4x4s you get these days. I have grown up around them and loved them my whole life. They have character which is something lacking from most other vehicles of the same type. Although it's loud I do find it comfortable, not as much as a expensive city car but enough to drive across the country like I've found myself doing. You'd be surprised how quiet the civilian ones are though, you can have a normal conversation at 75mph on the motorway.
  7. charcoal

    Post your car

    Might like my vehicle then. Ex mod LandRover 110, dubbed the "Lad Rover" by my friends from college.
  8. I drive a scania R490 and also enjoy it a lot more than an R730 or a Volvo 750. I drive at the server limit on motorways.
  9. charcoal


    Way more than enough, I sometimes feel the 490hp engine in my Scania is overdoing it.
  10. What do you like about Amsterdam? It's a means of getting to the UK without going through Europort What do you dislike? It's close to Rotterdam (and of course Europort). How do other players behave? Not that well, from my experience anyway. What can other players do to improve the city? Abide by traffic rules.
  11. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's gone
  12. That looks good, shame it doesn't have northern Sweden and northern Norway though.
  13. On a serious note, that does look quite nice.
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