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  1. yes it must be deleted the game should be for all player styles
  2. ridiculous I do not respect this rule and I continue as before at my own risk
  3. so ridiculous these new rules "We now do not allow users to mix different trailer types in doubles and triples." why this rule? how are people bothered by this? when a child wants to crash in a player, you think that he will worry about the number of times he can do it before being banned permanently regardless of the opinion of the players welcome to euro truck simulator euro dictatorship simulator
  4. reduce the speed limit just for a road c so ridiculous me who never frequent this road moreover I never saw proof that there is less report than before
  5. my favorite truck is the dafxf105 with the dlc
  6. for me the speed at 110 km is correct and I got used to this speed but the speed at 60kmh in the city is too low example in istanbul there is a autoraute which is limited to 90kmh but we can not go more than 60kmh ... it's ridiculous I think the speed of 90kmh in the city would be more acceptable
  7. shaaka

    3 Million Users

    imagine the 3 million player was playing all at the same time
  8. for me 110 km h is too slow on the great distance these very boring we do not catch up with anyone and nobody catches up with us the arcade server does not have a collision so I do not use it
  9. Sorry for the response time my problem is solved I suspended the job and returned as before
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