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  1. shaaka

    Road to Simulation

    someone has a date for the new mod multiplayer "infinite tucker"?
  2. shaaka

    Road to Simulation

    we play on an empty server or we play on a server at 110kmh I do not like both, I think I stop playing tmp yet I am a serious player https://trucksbook.eu/logbook
  3. shaaka

    Road to Simulation

    it's ridiculous most people like to ride at 150 km h ride at 110 km h in an empty game with no people is ridiculous
  4. shaaka

    Road to Simulation

    please 150 kmh
  5. for me no problem with gps navigation
  6. i want to see the same voice gps as forza horizon 4
  7. shaaka


    Normalement tu peut l'installer sur les remorque grumier double
  8. shaaka Released

    trailer hct not allowed
  9. shaaka Released

    the double trailer works
  10. shaaka

    Update 1.35 release

    1 week and 3 days after ...
  11. shaaka

    Update 1.35 release

    I made a new save with the logitiel "cheat engine"
  12. it would be a shame to ban the double trailer in an area, it would penalize players who do not go to calais duisbourg like many people
  13. shaaka

    Update 1.35 release

    I think the double trailer area will still be present
  14. shaaka

    Road to the Black Sea - New Map DLC

    the server is never full
  15. shaaka

    what is the name of this mod?