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  1. I really hope that for the event the update 1.37 will be there but if this is not the case no problem I understand that there is a lot of work
  2. ok... one more unnecessary rule gonna be 1 year that truckersmp disappoints me more and more
  3. there's always more of them, and I'd say more than before. People who drive on the road in C.D. and those who want to see or create accidents don't care how fast they can do it. the number of times I've been in an accident has increased tremendously since last year for me. I don't make a report on the website every time because of lack of time but otherwise I will be able to do much more than before.
  4. allow car to go at 130km / h as in reality or delete them since we are on a simulation server and in reality they are not limited to 110km / h
  5. 110km / h in the red zone 150km / h outside the area
  6. you rarely see them because there are so many less. i used to drive a lot of deliveries over 3000 km since the speed limit i only do deliveries from 300 to 500 km in populated areas and i find out that a lot of people do the same thing they are too scared by the distance to do since the speed limit was reduced
  7. great i thought it would never happen
  8. why pay your to go faster when "truckersmp" surely does not need money to modify some parameter for the servers or if "truckersmp" want to get a salary this method would create social inequality
  9. I think truckersmp should listen to their community and respect the poll of this discussion which is largely in favor of removing this limitation
  10. they made bad choices since the "road to simulation" project before there was europe1: 90km / h server was not appreciated by players strangely, while it was a simulation server europe2: 150 km / h server very appreciated by the players but the players running at low speed complained about the other player who was going too fast ... WTF we had a choice before now much less this is why there is always debate around this topic of discussion
  11. I am for this idea before me I was driving at 150 km / h and I never had an accident and I slowed down as soon as there was a person to facilitate overtaking in complete safety But everyone was punished with this speed reduction while the majority respected the players even by going fast
  12. thanks for the information I haven't been going there for some time I didn't know about the changes
  13. I hope it doesn't happen otherwise the server will die
  14. i like red my truck in multiplayer:
  15. Lyuba

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    genova nice marseille
  16. with the latest version I get this error message every time
  17. with the "road to simulation" project there are fewer people than before with the speed limit It was for these reasons.
  18. daf xf 105 750hp or renault t 750ch
  19. there's no collision so they don't want to go to that server. it's an endless circle...
  20. What if I like playing with players? because the "arcade" server is almost empty
  21. yes it must be deleted the game should be for all player styles
  22. ridiculous I do not respect this rule and I continue as before at my own risk
  23. so ridiculous these new rules "We now do not allow users to mix different trailer types in doubles and triples." why this rule? how are people bothered by this? when a child wants to crash in a player, you think that he will worry about the number of times he can do it before being banned permanently regardless of the opinion of the players welcome to euro truck simulator euro dictatorship simulator
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