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  1. you have to wait for scs to rebuild the benelux after switzerland the road will be completely destroyed so no need
  2. a good moderator must enforce the rules for everyone, otherwise he is not likely to remain a moderator for very long
  3. the bug is mostly present in the iberia dlc the highway is limited to 80 but since it passes over a city it is limited to 60 it is so frustrating and this must be corrected
  4. why block the server has 3000 slots?
  5. people were not aware of the changes made on the servers myself I just saw the changes and people are not interested in it's change they just want to drive on the C D road, if the server sim 1 would have a speed of 90km/h people would go on sim 2 but the 110km/h on the C D road is enough for them to have fun having accidents
  6. truckersmp lost a lot of players with the arrival of the official multiplayer mode I agree with the new changes except for promods which should be limited to 110km/h and people who want to go faster on promods should use the "promods server arcade"
  7. 2h, 12h or 48h everyone can leave their game on all day or all night in afk mode to join truckersmp without ever having made any deliveries
  8. yet another new French law created by a bored person the display is ugly and not suited to the human eye at all and a pedestrian or cyclist passing in front of your truck or parallel to the side will never look at this poster , just a new law to fine you and enrich the government
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