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  1. ah ok thanks for the answer I thought the problem came from me I hope the option will work again in multiplayer I always have trouble parking the double trailers manually
  2. normally when I have to take or deliver a delivery to a company there must be a window for automatic parking just next to the white box on the ground where I must park which allows to press on enter so as not to do the maneuver and finish his work the problem is that I do not have this option in the multiplayer while I have checked the box in the parameters and in solo this option works I hope that there is a solution to those problem
  3. there are fewer players when: _truckersmp does not support the latest version of the game _during the summer period there are fewer people playing _to meet the most people you have to play between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. when truckersmp is up to date generally the server is full in the evening
  4. I too lost my cat a few months ago I'm sad he died overnight unfortunately I have another cat
  5. the more time passes the more ets2 becomes technically heavy with new complex options difficult to design in multiplayer I wonder if in a few years multiplayer will still exist ... I hope so
  6. in my opinion 90% of players do not play to drive with such a high degree of simulation with an even lower speed you will find yourself alone in the maps
  7. trucks are easily controllable below 170 km / h I drove so much at this speed before the limit that I know what I'm talking about trailers lean in bends when the speed is too high, it is enough to brake we don't want to go 150km / h without thinking we want to go at 150km / h in a straight line or a slight turn the new roads with the reconstruction of Germany with soft bends allow this driving so heavily without truck modification or cheating this speed is almost unattainable the subject is not we want to go 100 miles an hour without braking. but we want to go at 150km/h when there is a possibility and when a wide road allows it
  8. sa me fait la même chose depuis l'ajout de dx11 aucune solution viable trouver pour le moment
  9. we don't want to go at 9000km / h but just a little more than the authorized speed like 150km / h Since on the majority of the map there is no player and no AI this adds a feeling of extreme loneliness When before the "road to simalation" project I drove at 150km / h to pass areas with few players and then 110 see 90 km: h in populated areas there are several types of players _the person who plays entirely simulation _people who play like a racing game at 900km / h _ players like me who like simulation but with a fun side by going a little faster so as not to spend the afternoon on the same jobs, but also respecting the traffic lanes, the priority and the main signs. category of players has been abandoned by truckersmp, we are forced to change our game mode and choose to reduce our speed to 110km / h by going to the simu server OR to maintain our speed habit or see it increase but in going to the player empty and collisionless arcade server. Personally I got used to the speed of 110 / km / h but at times I miss the era of 150 km / h terribly
  10. I am for speed increases up to 130 km / h for cars It is so unrealistic that cars drive at the same speed as trucks in the game. if there is an accident they must assume the consequences and the victim must report it and make the video for the banishment
  11. คzzยгค


    I admire the city reconstruction work it completely transforms the city and makes you want to go even more. I hope it will be the same for the city of Calais and Lyon. He may be preparing these things for the reconstruction of the Benelux but he must first finish Germany ... I hope in 1.38.
  12. I have a problem my engine turns off even when I have 0% damage
  13. I saw somewhere that in the next update scs would continue to improve the sound which is not yet perfect and maybe many parameters will probably change. I just hope that mwl4 will not have to start all over again at 1.38 1.39 1.40 ... because of the sound
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