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  2. come back in 1 month there may be some news
  3. your arguments are not valid why limit the speed because of the trolls even if the speed is limited to 30km / h it will not prevent the trolls from hitting people Moreover if the server is so popular it is thanks to this flexible speed of memory when there was a server at 110 km / h and another at 150 km / h, the server at 110 km / h was practically empty If you want to take away this freedom of speed from the players you will kill the game and find yourself alone with no time for anyone to hear your crying.
  4. Calais will become horrible with 1.39 the entrance to Calais has become a simple road, a person blocked, broken down or asleep will block the entire entrance
  5. the individual unfortunately does not risk being banned if there is no physical contact with you driving at 60km / h is even more dangerous than driving at 110km / h since people will stick behind you and overtake you at the risk of falling back on you and creating an accident
  6. that is why he should never have done "simulation" servers he should have kept server 1: 90km / h server 2: 150km / h today people who want to go 90km / h are forced to drive with people who want to go at unrealistic speed everyone was happy before the changes, the players chose their way of playing by choosing their server!
  7. Thank you for the update!
  8. คzzยгค

    Do you rec?

    I rec 24 / 24h I use nvidia experience
  9. I like all the cities except the city of the base games which must be completely rebuilt and which does not look like reality
  10. I beg you to increase the speed to 150 km / h when there is no one in the TAB this would allow players to resume driving all over the map, to spend moments of loneliness more quickly and without danger since the speed will be 110 as soon as there is a player around
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