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  1. even if this is a good idea I think that making the traffic more fluid here will make the traffic more complicated elsewhere
  2. I don't really have that impression I have done many convoys with other countries. but maybe you were unlucky personally, i haven't noticed because i prefer to be in a vtc from my country and that's probably the preference of most players
  3. I activated the AI x3 to make it more dense in single player mode and I realize that I freeze a lot more in single player mode than in multiplayer mode since there is no traffic in multiplayer mode. I5 6600K GTX 1070 16GB RAM
  4. me when I write rec ban in the chat I do it in the website and it's not a joke
  5. the road calais duisburg was closed on april 1, 2020
  6. the benelux will surely be rebuilt after germany so a little patience
  7. I don't understand why priority is given to the one coming from the bridge it should be given to those already on c-d since there are less people coming from the bridge than on the road c-d
  8. the problem is solved thank you
  9. since yesterday I have this problem of connection reconnection I still have a constant ping I don't understand the problem
  10. it's ridiculous wanting more difficult road conditions like stability and braking distance, it's going to give a lot more problems and accidents and that's not what the truckermp wants. leave the game as SCS wants it, a game accessible to all with gaming experience according to his choice
  11. promod is much better for convoys but not for people playing alone since the roads are empty in promods except Kirkenas
  12. even if he becomes banned a new child who discovers the game will hit you and so on it will never end even with a reduced speed the troll will always end up finding a way to embarrass you he uses cars since there is better handling but if the car is removed he would do the same with a truck
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