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    Im guessing a lot of other people had issues with cars the same as me. Just in 2 days i've encountered *** with cars either blocking roads, holding down horns for minutes while im in a collision free zone because somehow I'm in the way..? and cars actually driving on the wrong side or overtaking me to intentionally flip me over or cause dmg which equals money which equals time. And my time is effectively wasted, hours of it. I liked the concept, I liked the friendly honks when meeting other players and I liked the calm almost traffic free roads. I liked the server and the game, but it's just not enjoyable anymore. Today I lost almost all my money trying to fix my truck and in the end it just broke down every few miles cause I couldn't afford the repairs. All because some bored *** HAD to run into me. I couldn't even type in the chat to ask why or complain or report him, but I guess people just dont give a shit. It's pretty boring, I had fun and now im bored again. Thanks for that random *** car drivers...I guess you got exavtly what you wanted. Cheers! Going on car free servers doesn't help cause there are trucker *** too. Shit is not dank.
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