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  1. Kintuke

    New Incoming Updates

    Scs will not alienate the player base by upgrading to directx 12...Win 10 has some really bad problems right now Maybe in a few years it will get better but right now no..As far as updates id like to see states for ats come out a little faster which i think is gonna happen,but who knows.
  2. Kintuke

    Hot topic #9: TruckersMP continuous improvement

    Interesting read ..I dont think she should have never been iga. She was banned from ban evading. Once a cheater always a cheater will break the rules regardless..I know i am one person, but if she is allowed back i will delete my account.I know one account doesn't mean much but it is one from a long time player..You CANNOT have different rules for different people..Btw having a bad day does not give anyone a excuse to break the rules.
  3. Kintuke


    Same here to.. I was showing 5:00 pm and it was dark as could be.
  4. Kintuke

    "Buy dlc krone" What is this? Why did they do this?

    Hahaha!! I think this is great..Good work dev team..