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  1. KennyClan01

    Better Live Map for ATS

    Can we have a better live map for ATS, ETS2 has all the roads showing and locations, real time. ATS all it has is towns and real time locations on other drivers, can you at least put some roads in there? hard to see things without roads.
  2. KennyClan01

    Game Client not launching

    I have already figured it out, I looked into the forums someone else had my exact same issue, had to go to my programdata and delete my truckersmp files
  3. KennyClan01

    Game Client not launching

    Every time I try to open Truckers MP client, it gives me a connection error, when my steam is up to date, American and Euro Truck Simulator's are both up to date, I have never had any issues trying to open the game client to update the game.
  4. KennyClan01

    Paintscheme for Vovlo

    So the Aurora paintjob is a dlc paint scheme by American truck simulator, but yet I can't use it on the Volvo trucks without getting kicked? what kind of joke is this?
  5. KennyClan01

    Game crashes.

    @DarkScream38 Thank you for your feed back, but I am a bit confused on how it would be the save I am using. Please clarify. Kind Regards KennyClan01
  6. KennyClan01

    Favorite Call of duty Game

    This is going to be a long shot and an interesting one, what's your favorite call of duty games from the first one in 2003 to the most recent and why? Mine is the Modern warfare series. Call of duty Modern Warfare(Original version) Call of duty Modern Warfare 2, Call of duty Modern Warfare 3. They are not futuristic, They had a good story mode to them. More enjoyable and realistic as can be with Call of Duty.
  7. KennyClan01

    Most Played Game + Amount Of Hours

    Hello! My most played game is War Thunder, with easily 2,000+ hours on it over 6 years of playing it(Not Recorded on Steam) Awesome Topic!!!
  8. KennyClan01

    Game crashes.

    My TruckersMP crashes every time I use my own trailer from recent update on ETS2. Every time I try to load it with cargo. It freezes. Any suggestions on why this is happening? Is this a known bug? PLEASE HELP!!!