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  1. Unfortunately, you can't. SCS decided to limit double trailer jobs to the territory of Scandinavia. On the bright side, you can buy a double trailer and drive to UK, Italy or some other fine place. Maybe, one day, some mod will be added to TMP in order to let us do double trailer jobs outside of Scandinavia.
  2. I’m not part of a VTC, nor do I want to join one, but if you are looking for them, then I suggest checking out popular cities with lots of players. Usually, there are advertisements in the chat. Even if I tend to stay away from populated areas, I still see advertisements every now and then.
  3. My choice is the DAF XF EURO 6. I love both the interior and the exterior
  4. zVYPER

    New DLC??

    I remember SCS stating that they are looking forward to releasing an Iberian Peninsula dlc one day. I personally think that after we get the Baltic States expansion, the following one will be Iberia.
  5. zVYPER


    Any new region is is better than no new region. Imo, there’s no way that Greece will be added soon. We’ll be first getting the Baltic States and also we should not forget that SCS stated it’s interest in the Iberian Peninsula. Maybe there will be a Balcanic States after that, we can only hope. I’m mostly waiting for Iceland or a north dlc featuring the rest of the Scandinavian countries’ territory. I still hope that one day SCS will achieve the full Europe in all its might!
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