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  1. EU 2 has a decent amount of players on the main map and in Scandinavia, but the rest of the places kinda lack action, manly Going East :/
  2. zVYPER

    Truck or car?

    Both! Truck for the feels, car for the speeds !
  3. They should definetly be taken out of TMP.
  4. It’s the S for me out of these two. It’s fast, the interior is great and it’s popularity is off the charts.
  5. I’m seeing that no one mentions the beauty of the DAF Oh well....
  6. zVYPER

    Chaos in Calais

    When did these two incidents happen? You’re really unlucky if they’re recent. I haven’t had any problems of this sort in at least one month. As long as I stay away from C-D, I rarely get hit by a griefer or even spot a troll. Anyway, I suggest spending more time in DLC areas. The chances of having player-induced incidents are slim to none there- at least that’s how it’s been going for me. I never met any griefer in Italy since buying the expansion
  7. My kms are quite spread on all the trucks, but my most driven truck is the first one I got- The Mercedes Actros with around 16.000 kms. Then it’s closely followed by the Scania S & the Daf xf Euro 6
  8. This can actually happen to anyone. I did this mistake two or three days ago. I had to drive all the way from Hungary to UK and I got used to driving on the right side for a long time. Combined with the tiredness from the road, I totally drove for 2 minutes on the right side in UK until I saw a player in the distance driving towards me on the same side of the road. For 5 seconds or so, I was like “yo, check your side of the road, dummy!” but after that I realised that the imbecile was me! xD Then I instantly pulled over and thinked about my stupidity If the one who saw me doing that reads this, then please forgive me.
  9. I didn’t even think about this before. Yeah, not seeing brake or turn lights is a problem. The BUY KRONE DLC textures also totally break the immersion for those that didn’t buy the DLC. Replacing it with a standard white trailer with break & turn lights that reads “buy krone dlc” would be an effective, easy, and decent solution to the problem.
  10. I’m not sure if I’m understanding this correctly. So, if you do that, you can do jobs outside of Scandinavia while using a double trailer?
  11. I’m using a Dualshock 4 controller for the increased comfort over Keyboard + mouse. Well, the controller obviously hasn’t enough buttons to operate everything, so I still use the keyboard for situational things like wipers, traction control, etc etc.
  12. I randomly stumbled across an online radio named "Vanilla Radio" from Greece and I'm loving it. It has three music channels- "Deep","Smooth" and "Greek". I love listening to "Deep" because I'm atracted to the sexy lounge/chill music. Finding a radio that fits your taste is very important, especially if you're into long runs like me. Bring on the Oslo-Palermo!
  13. No way, man. If it weren't for TMP, then I wouldn't have bought ETS2 in the first place.
  14. Well, I got sick of the "BUY DLC KRONE" so I had to get it- like everyone else It's a great marketing strategy, I'm sure that TMP heavily supported the sale of this DLC.
  15. zVYPER

    Chaos in Calais

    Moderators are really demanded on C-D but there's only so much that you can do against a horde of dozens of players breaking the rules. Still, I really wish to help maintain the order, so I'll be applying for a Game Mod position sometime soon. The real problem is that players intentionally choose that route just to cause more mayhem through heavy traffic. It's actually against the rules to intentionally abuse that route just for the fun of of it.
  16. SCS stated its interest in making an Iberian Peninsula expansion one day. I strongly think that we'll get it right after the Baltic expansion.
  17. That Ford looks interesting- neither good or bad. Any new truck added to the game is a blessing because of the slow & stubborn licencing process... we were supposed to be driving the Renault T Range for years and we're still not there.
  18. As much as I loved blasting my Skoda at 300 km/h, I don't think that will happen again soon. Maybe lifting the restriction on EU4 would be the solution!
  19. Well, driving on C-D without recording every movement is, imo, a huge risk. I always use OBS or Bandicam to record every movement when driving in that zone. Also keep in mind that driving on C-D is a risk in itself. I value my precious cargo & time so I always stay away from that area. It's just like asking for trouble. There was even a rule that stated "Driving intentionally and repeatedly on C-D just to cause heavy traffic is a no-no" (actually it wasn't written like that but you get the idea). Take care, man. Value your truck, cargo so stay safe!
  20. Oh God! It's so beautiful! The only aspect that the in-game Mercedes lacked, was, imo, the interior dashboard. This is superb! If this gets released, then I'm gonna be adding thousands of kms on this beauty. Licencing is a pain though. 'Member Renault T range? Oh, I 'member that! Wait....it's still not here. We'll have to be extra patient with this one
  21. I'm using a PS4 Dualshock 4 controller to drive, and all it takes is a slight pull of the cable and.......it disconnects- hence me always crashing into the edge of the road at high speed. Fortunately, no one has gotten hit instead of me until now I really gotta do something about this
  22. My most played game is GTA V. Now, only on PS4, I had 1500 hours just on GTA Online. That's without counting the hundreds of hours spent on ps4 singleplayer + ps3 multiplayer and singleplayer. It's gotta be around 2000 something LOL
  23. Oslo-Bergen is wonderful. Also, driving all the way to Palermo without taking the ferry from Naples is a huge thrill for me.
  24. Trying to get out of Duisburg yesterday after F7'ing...Heheheheeeeeeee, I almost lost my mind over there! Jk,jk. One of my greatest moments was after I got the Italy DLC, right when I reached Villa San Giovanni for the first time driving all the way from Uppsala. I felt such a surge of happiness, after a beautiful trip through the (new) expansion.
  25. I wouldn't have gotten ETS2 if it weren't for TMP. TMP has gone a long way since I joined (shortly after the release of Scandinavia)
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