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    Controller Steering input physics mod

    Thanks, I'll have a chat with a developer and work out if it's possible. @WentworthHFD Just a fyi, trust me, when the settings are configured correctly in the physics.sii it's very easy to control.... as long as you are using analogue sticks and are gentle on the stick. It works great for me anyway.
  2. RoosterCruser

    Controller Steering input physics mod

    Hi all, I'm a long timer player but a newbie to this very interesting life of truckersmp and the online trucking world. Very cool!! I use a PS3 controller - I hated the way the steering input was so restrictive with the controller. By that I mean having to do 3mph until you it would get more lock on. It's horrible. I made a very simple mod where I made adjustments to the steering section of def/vehicle/physics.sii I assume that there is no way at all I can do this while playing on truckersmp? I wanted to double check that there is no alternate solution or something I'm missing.. I assume all mods are blocked and as this is a physics edit there is no hope for me I'll have to put up with SCS's silly setting?