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  1. I know that and I tried it again and still nothing, like I said there is something wrong in my computer not in-game.
  2. Yes they are, problem is that i cant even see the voice chat icon when somebody speaks.
  3. Hello, I cant hear anyone in voice chat, I am sure that my settings for voice chat are correct. I have noticed that the voice chat is not working for me in other computer game(FiveM). I am 99% sure that this is a bug in my computer. Does anyone know what should I do?
  4. Tried both things and still nothing ...
  5. Hello, I cannot hear anyone in voice chat but they can hear me, for some reason i cannot see even see that they are talking, I ve watched all tutorials and I still have the issue, I have voice chat sound on full (In options), I ve checked if the radio in truck isnt turned off. Can someone help me ?
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