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  1. Restriction does not make sense. ETS2 does not have enough challenges so driving doubles makes it more interesting. C-D road should not have any restrictions because everybody likes when road is busy. Cars and reckless racers are the ones that cause all problems and such players should face longer bans. Trolls and ones that don't even know how to drive single trailer won't be a problem on D-C because they will likely get stuck on fence while exiting terminal :)
  2. Yeah a lot of players can't drive in congested areas as they either block intersection or exits not considering traffic flow. Some others try rush or overtake in congested area and just make it worse for everybody. It is just a game so it will always be a mess unless you play on restricted server.
  3. AI and trolls would make nice traffic jams that would probably require mods to constantly wipe them. It would be nice to add AI in such ratio that they only appear in empty places. Maybe few cars at a time and then see how everything works.
  4. RussaX

    coca-cola trailer

    Winter mod, red peterbilt, coca-cola trailer decorated with lights. @Syntog who doesen't know about that commercial?
  5. You are evil person. I bet you just drive in crowded areas and fish for any incident that you could report.
  6. When driving you should always be calm. I enjoy crowded areas or any challenges.
  7. RussaX

    Road collision

    I report only intentional incidents where players do it on purpose and when they are racing like they are alone. Other than that lag, slow brakes or not paying attention is common cause of incidents.
  8. I agree. This game can teach you a lot and you can understand how trailers behave and what problems could occur. If you have never driven a trailer this is a great opportunity to gain some experience which will make your life easier once you start to drive a real one. And the best thing is that it costs you nothing and you can do mistakes from which you will learn.
  9. RussaX

    Double trailers

    It's hard enough to drive doubles under normal conditions. imagine some noobs or trolls driving with them It would be chaos.
  10. I have recently started to play Ets and it is fun and relaxing especially because of modding where you can make any changes or challenges you wish and never get bored. Multiplayer is also exciting because it is unpredictable and you never know what are you going to see or experience. I am interested to make a pool and hear your comments if you drive in real life and why do you play this game. Personally I like to try challenges with different kinds of trailers, tight spots, heavy traffic with traffic jams, parking in difficult spots. Game gives you ability to try a lot of different things and helps you to practice and learn new things. Today I saw one player trying to force enter Trameri dock and made me laugh. That is one of the reason why MP is fun because you never know what is going to happen.
  11. I think that random events should be disabled by default in MP because they work only on client side. Here is vid that happened to me where driver behind thought that maybe I tryed to block him and got mad. Imagine some extreme random events where you are driving in opposing lane. I think that I have even had event of driving in the opposing side of tunnel. Just not for MP, I had to turn it off.
  12. Yeah great challenge how to annoy a lot of players and make even bigger traffic jam than it is. C-D is not really challenging route, there are some better roads to drive. Also you could get banned if you were to block other drivers if you were to get stuck or drive in first gear uphill. Remember that many players are just waiting to make report on you. I like the idea but there is no purpose of doing it on C-D because you have everything same except that you are very slow. C-D has few choke points and that's it, no challenges other than some trolls might ram you.
  13. We are already experiencing enough lag with all the beacons and truck addons. Sure add as many things as you want but for MP they should somehow make limits to not allow you certain things.
  14. Yeah thinking how dope you look while others see you just as cardboard box. It looks dumb and I don't know why do they force you to buy dlc like that. They make sure your game experience is shit. There are not even lights on trailer, you can't see it very well. I have seen it in multiple games where devs force DLC if you want to enjoy gameplay.
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