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  1. Hi there! I want to join this VTC, But do i have to download anything ? Or can you fill in your driver logs by yourself ? Also do you guys use Teamspeak or discord ? Please let me know ty!
  2. Hi there! I want to join the VTC. But do i have to download anything to complete my driver log ? I cant download random stuff so thats why im asking. Is that possible ? Have a nice day!
  3. Nice guide, Very helpful,
  4. Very nice guide, and alot of information in it. Thanks for that
  5. Thanks for the guide! Very useful information and easy to follow! ~TheAverageTrucker
  6. Heyy! Mostly TruckersFM, Or my own playlist
  7. My scania have 100'194 Km,s Atm. Still working on way more Km's.
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