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  1. Hayaletzarı

    Skoda Fuel bug Do you live?

    I am taking Skoda and going 320-400 km And the gasoline ends I'm out of the game I re-entered and fueled And it was 750-800 km fuel Does this happen to you?
  2. Hayaletzarı

    The most capacious truck

    Volvo is very good in my opinion Very good traction
  3. Hayaletzarı

    If you could add 1 thing to ETS2 what would that be?

    Turkey dLC map I really think you need it now
  4. Hayaletzarı

    Best route

    The best route to calais duisburg
  5. Hayaletzarı

    What will be the first Map DLC in 2019?

    Turkey map dlc
  6. Hayaletzarı

    Do you have DLC Krone?

    A beautiful DLC I would recommend
  7. Hayaletzarı

    ETS 2 MP/ Do you like to play

    Very nice game A number in simulation games
  8. Hayaletzarı

    How Long Have You Been Playing?

    From time immemoria
  9. Hayaletzarı

    Winter Mod

    Very nice but the computer freezes
  10. Hayaletzarı

    Skoda - Our friend or enemy?

    I love riding skoda But there are those who are dangerous.
  11. Hayaletzarı

    Who wants vans?

    a different perspective but would be nice
  12. Hayaletzarı

    How stressful is it to drive in ETS2MP EU-2 [Poll]

    Difficult to be crowded
  13. Hayaletzarı

    1.32 How do you think the new mode ?

    Thank you for your nice comments
  14. Hayaletzarı

    Traffic Light Change Time

    I think it's unnecessary it would be a mistake to have a different change now I think the light system is fine
  15. Hayaletzarı

    Random events on multiplayer

    Yeah improper situation I can't find a word to say