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  1. So I was about to report someone, but since I did not have his TMP ID, I was not able to. 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Titanic4


      You can check spawning logs to get TruckersMP ID of the perpetrator. In the video evidence you can get perpetrator's in-game ID and the tag along with the name. With that information you'll be able to find the player you're looking for. 

    3. Kiwitztone


      How do I see the spawning logs? @Titanic4

    4. Titanic4


      These logs are located in C:\Users\<Your Windows username>\Documents\ETS2MP\logs

      If you're looking for ATSMP spawn logs, go to C:\Users\<Your Windows username>\Documents\ATSMP\logs instead.


  2. @weezy @XFMaster9666 My probem is my game said it was open but it was not, but i tried deleting core_ets2mp.dll and launching the game, and it worked. Thanks!!
  3. As you can see when i open the launcher this popup comes up. Ive tried running truckersmp as admin, still does not work. I think its a problem with the files.
  4. So i think i want to play ETS2 TRUCKERSMP again!

    But i dont think i would play it for long, so can anyone convince me to play again?





    Btw i havent played in a month haha ;) 

    1. WarMaz
    2. Kap.


      Well we might have the Baltic DLC coming soon, great reason to get back to ETS! 

    3. Kiwitztone


      @WarMaz @[LKW Tr.] Kap I bought ATS too now haha.


  5. Thanks to the afk idiot

    Well thank you for making me sit half an hour just to get out of this place, anyone else
    wich was here or is here right now? #traffic #truckersmp #eu2 #30min

    Good Luck and have a safe drive!
       Yours Sincerly OJ_Fireman


    1. stilldre1976


      Why sit for half hour when u can log out move up the road and log back in lol madness :lol:

    2. Kiwitztone


      @stilldre1976 i did not think of that, and it was a 200 player que so i would'nt get in anyways :)



  6. Update 1.32

    While we wait why cannot we just learn one thing, and that is...

    PATIENCE :thisisfine:



    Thank you for waiting for the update!



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