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  1. Dyson V8 [FR]

    Ajout d'une tablette tactile

    Bonjour, parfaitement, sa fonctionne ! Merci de votre aide
  2. Dyson V8 [FR]

    Ajout d'une tablette tactile

    Super merci
  3. Dyson V8 [FR]

    Ajout d'une tablette tactile

    Bonjour à tous, j'ai vu à plusieurs reprise des joueurs qui arrivent à connecter une tablette tactile, pour y incorporé le compteur. Savez-vous ou téléchargé ceci, comment on installe, et faire reconnaitre ETS2 qu'on utilise ce programme externe ? Voilà le liens du vidéo sur facebook, venant du groupe TruckersMP -> Merci !!
  4. Dyson V8 [FR]

    Winter mod is now available!

    It's very good !!!! It's sliding !!
  5. Dyson V8 [FR]

    Lowered trucks

    data.sii ?? I do not think so
  6. Dyson V8 [FR]

    Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    Hello Natalia, I would like to use a mod to lower my truck, I saw several members of the group of the page Facebook lower their truck in MP, I have the right ? Thanks !
  7. Dyson V8 [FR]

    Lowered trucks

    uneven ground ? Where ? Hello, thanks for answer, I will ask the question
  8. Dyson V8 [FR]

    Lowered trucks

    Yes Davina But do you accept on TMP ?
  9. Dyson V8 [FR]

    Lowered trucks

    Exactly !
  10. Dyson V8 [FR]

    Lowered trucks

    I frequently see players posting photos on the facebook page with their trucks lowering, and running in MP. edit: Here is a member who rolls in MP
  11. Dyson V8 [FR]

    Lowered trucks

    Hello, have you the right to ride with a mod to roll with a truck lower? A bit like this mod? Links: https://ets2.lt/en/scania-streamline-lowered-4x2-chassis/ Thanks all
  12. Dyson V8 [FR]

    Mod snow slide

    Hello all, players, as well as the TruckersMP team. I recently launched a poll on the facebook page about a slippery snow mod, more than 60 people answered "yes", without counting another post launched a few hours before or the players still give their opinions, and answering with a "yes" "in comment. I wanted to point it out to you. For this winter, it would be nice to have a real mod snow on Simulation Server 1! Waiting for a response from the team.
  13. Dyson V8 [FR]

    Contrats externes en Italie

    Bonjour, désolé pour le retard, non toujours pas, par exemple si je suis à Parma, le seul contrat externe que j'ai de dispo est Milan à Verone. Rien qui part de Parma...
  14. Dyson V8 [FR]

    New multiplayer mods.

    The advantage of other multiplayer platforms, is to be able to use mods. Several requests, many have been made to set up sound mods for some trucks, all reject.