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  1. 虎牙直播房间号:10789820

  2. Recommended name: Server Forbidden System Recommendations: Supports an injunction system that automatically deletes records for more than three years. Any sample image: no Why add? 2. At present, I found the ban system, record permanent retention, please support more than 3 years of automatic record deletion system! High esteem
  3. HuYaTv10789820


    推荐名称:香港服务器,中国 推荐注意:在中国香港重新开放香港服务器 任何样本图片:找不到图片 为什么要添加?因为我是中国玩家!我买不起加速器去买欧洲服装。延迟使我超过2000次。在第二届中国的晚上,球员们都去了2件衣服开车!泰卡人太多了,我建议所有中国球员都去香港打球。优点是你不需要打开加速器,你不需要付费。
  4. This is definitely a big change! Hope the feedback tickets will be checked more quickly now^-^
  5. Recommended name: Server ban. Recommendation: My idea is to support the ban system, which automatically deletes records for more than three years. Any sample picture: no Why add? : At present, I find that the ban has not been deleted for more than two years, because some people want to apply for jobs, more than three records! The application is automatically blocked by the system, but not applied. All please, support the automatic deletion system of records banned for more than 3 years! Esteem highly
  6. Recommended name: Extend server timeout. Recommendations: My idea is to extend the timeout time when the server is not busy. Or, extend the time-out for parking in a designated parking space. Any sample image: No Why add? : At present, I find that AFK timeouts are a little fast. I mean, I stopped to make coffee, and when I came back, I was disconnected. Praise highly
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