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  1. Hello @bukseo Thank´s for your Reply! Ok that´s something that i dont know with Save Edit and modify the weight. But why do this some People? I mean do you have a advantage? Best Regards! Boomatisch
  2. I´m using currently a Android Phone. Can someone recommend me the Change from Android to IOS? Best Regards! Boomatisch
  3. Thank´s for your Reply! Well i guess Save-Edit isn´t allowed??. And do you have then 2 diffrent Destination´s? Best Regards! Boomatisch
  4. 1.What phone are you using now? Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2.If you change your phone what would you buy for your next phone? Maybe a Iphone. Can someone recommend me this Change from Android to IOS? Best Regards Boomatisch
  5. Hello Everyone!. I have a Question. Does anyone know how is this posible?? And is it allowed? Thank You for your Reply Best Regards Boomatisch
  6. YES!. I hear Radio or Music on YouTube. I can´t drive without Music. Who else know that Feeling??
  7. Hello Trucker´s :)

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