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  1. Hello,It's okay I've already solved it Have a nice day
  2. when I started downloading in the middle of it, it's a pause, and when I spit it again, I have a pause what do I do?
  3. dalik83

    Fatal Eror

    hello, today I turned on the launcher but wrote it to me: unsupported game version detected expet ver. [rev. 94cb72ec79f6] you heva ver. you need help with changing the game version. when I click on a yes launcher I will drop.
  4. Can I ask?


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    2. dalik83


      installation has paused and when I start it again automatically pauses what to do,
      thans you?

    3. Simplywild1




      If you dont find any solution on your problem there, then https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/55-help/ post a topic there and you will get helped. 

    4. dalik83
  5. můžu se zeptat?

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