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  1. @HumaneWolf Do you plan on making a public IPBoard TMP social login on the IPBoard Add ons site?
  2. Old Friend :P 

    1. Logan_Rocks


      Indeed. Nice to hear from you

  3. Some links in the post need to be updated @Kravatie
  4. im trying to open up the TruckersMP client and its giving me this error. Also i did a fresh install and it didnt fix it
  5. Thanks but my launch ats and ets buttons are grey and cant click them: https://gyazo.com/e8543aa631fcf89ff1c210ac20283ba0
  6. They are fixing a lot of stuff that broke in the update.
  7. calais traffic lights are flasing and strobe
  8. Yep. Probably at like 1.2 Mil by now.
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