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  1. Happy birthday to all who do this day, including me :)

  2. Ykaro


    Well the staff have other duties to fulfill also also do not just look at the reports on the website and there are many reports on the site so it may take a while to get to your.
  3. Well you can either downgrade the steam version of your game or wait for the developers to update the mod so that it works again. How to Downgrade? ETS2: Steam - Library - Games - ETS - Right click -Properties - Betas - Temporary_1_30 - for incompatible mods.. ATS: Steam - Library - Games - ATS - Right click -Properties - Betas - Temporary_1_29 - for incompatible mods..
  4. Well this could be pretty cool, could put on the site or add in a command in the chat ai showed the TOP 10
  5. Is and is not a good idea, it is good because it does not take away your attention while driving to type in the chat and a negative point is that the people of the vtc will chat much with this and it is kind of annoying
  6. Hi, to find the directory go to Steam> Library> Euro Truck Simulator 2> Right click> Properties> Go to the Local Files Tab> Navigate to the local files, now copy the directory and paste in the installer. (Same process is worth for American Truck Simulator.)
  7. I fully agree, without the rear lights of the truck and the person without load can not identify if it is braking or has the flashing on +1
  8. Ykaro Released

    @mwl4 The american truck traffic lights are with bug always stay in the red light, Thx nice att
  9. -1 Previous people are quoted what I thought :/
  10. Ykaro


    Pode ser um erro no seu save, tente mudar de save para testar se realmente este é o problema.
  11. What is it? Purple lights :/ Sometimes a light appears like this also only blue.



  12. @Kat_pw Could you put it on to get the launcher moving? Because my it opens on the second monitor and not the first one but it has no way to move it thx
  13. My load seems too high to get through here. xD

  14. Meanwhile in the war of codes xD



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