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  1. How has your day been trucker? Tell me all about it :)

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    2. plinio_lisboa


      O dia do meu caminhoneiro
       Bem, Sai de Le Mans, cheguei em Milão, peguei carga para Veneza.
      Saindo de Veneza, 2 praticaram a "religião da paz", eles simplesmente detonaram meu caminhão em modo de troll, eles desapareceram.

      Eu dirigi para Klangefurt, andando e parando no ombro, 50% de dano.

      A carga chegou quase intacta. Eu peguei carga de Viena, caminhão, tudo bem. Viena, Brastilava. Brastilava - Geneve, mas pela rota sul para Innsbruck. TUDO quieto para Geneve. Agora tento ajudar a moderação, quando vejo risco de acidente, alerta, colegas, outros motoristas na rota.

      Um pouco à noite um jogador da China Xiao, teve o trailer cruzado em um acesso, 2 horas que tentamos levar, sem sucesso.

      O combustível estava quase acabando, não estava vermelho há meses.
      Gastar em tração para tentar recuperar o trailer.

      É pior ver pessoas que não ajudam e se tornam um vitimador, e não usariam o acesso, é "REC BAN".

      É uma boa ideia escrever essa palavra com F ## K *. Mas eu não vou.
      É pior ver outro Xiao compatriota, não o ajuda.
      Eu ajudarei e continuarei a ajudar.


      Caso contrário, tudo bem. Choveu a noite, está tudo bem. governo  in good job.

    3. Garret


      I just wake up. lel

    4. LHNtrumpetBr


      I'm on a great day! Especially while I'm on the ATS roads.

  2. It was time to get a new paint ;)


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    2. Chris2306


      Very nice Picture Averazon! We drive together in Duisburg - Calais with OBrasileiro :D

    3. SuperHoops


      Looks good :D 

    4. Le Cat

      Le Cat

      you better change it to the Cat Trans painting :kappa:

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you'll have a great day today c:

  4. Averazon

    New Game Mode for starters

    Hello @xPo3tic As Suleyman asked you, you indeed corrected your post into the format requested. Though you didn't do it in this post but instead you made a new one That shouldn't be a problem. Since you corrected it into a new post, I will see this one as a double and reject it, so the new one can continue with the right format. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me. //Rejected
  5. Averazon

    vlastní servr

    Hello @CZ[PPKS]CZ LUKY95 As mentioned in my previous post, you did not comply with changing the language of this post. You also did not change your suggestion to the format we have. You were unable to complete this within the timeframe given. That is why I will move this to rejected. When you have a new suggestion, feel free to post it in the appropriate way! :) If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. //Rejected.
  6. Averazon


    Hello @sega00 Awesome to see that you want to help our community by adding a suggestion, you're awesome Though I have two remarks to make sure we can all discuss your post and.. who knows see it implemented? The community has special language section where you can speak the language mentioned. Though, on the general sections you must keep yourself to English. This way everyone can follow the conversation and join in Second, we ask users to make use of our suggestion format. You can find this here Why a suggestion format? This way your suggestion has all important information mentioned and can people quickly read the overview of your idea. It would be great if you can edit your post with this included within 3 days. Otherwise we'll have to move this suggestiion. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!
  7. It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow. - Robert H. Schuller


    1. Dark_Owl_
    2. Le Cat

      Le Cat

      Picture taken seconds before Le Cat was just about to join the trip 

  8. Join the stream! http://www.twitch.tv/av3razon

  9. Help! I am looking for an admin. Triggering isn't it? I am working on a video project and I would need 5mins time from someone with a fancy blue light on his/her car.

  10. Welcome to the TruckersMP forum :)

  11. Averazon

    Game "Cities"

  12. Averazon

    The Last Post Wins!

    I guess this will never end
  13. Discovering the greatness of Britain with @Skalkery (FR) Had a great drive, thank you :)


  14. DAF out of the garage ^^ Looking good again :D Shoutout to @Le Cat for driving along during the stream <3


    1. Le Cat

      Le Cat

      excuse me where is my DAF :kappa:

    2. Averazon


      You were parking your scania:kappa:

    3. QF_Giulia


      Nice Daf :) Wow, next streamer! I have no idea <3