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  1. Some countries are over- and underrepresented in numbers of people. If you really wanna use the word "Unity"; have all the truckers drive through each other. No matter what nationality or whatever. One big community
  2. I understand why you say this my friend but you basically answer your own question and make your so called solution into just the same effect? "I'm talking about a symbolic payment, say, 1 euro every month, through PayPal." But yet you mention this I believe that anyone who owns a gaming PC and games , but says they can't pay 1 euro a month, is a liar. So basically anyone can still play, since you mention they have to pay but everyone can afford 1 euro anyway? What is the point of paying? Conclusion? Trolls will remain. Making people pay is not the solution. A good thing would be to have a minimum of hours on the account or have more frequent account checks.
  3. ♩♩Skoda on my mind, skoda on my mind, why is skodaaaa on my miiiiind♩♩

    1. UgurS


      In my mind, in my head
      This is where we all came from
      The dreams we have, the love we share
      This is what we're waiting for


      Did you mean that? :) 

  4. Averazon

    should the ford truck come to play?

    They might be rare but why not? I would not see it as a priority of any kind, but I feel it could be a nice addition. Having some fresh trucking power is always good to have!
  5. Averazon

    1.33 Relased!

    I am happy to see this update be released! They didn't reinvent the wheel, but you don't need that either. These are some small to medium additions and improvements which make the game experience a lot better!
  6. Averazon

    C-D road

    Having a traffic management system could work but you will still have the problem of traffic jams. Honestly, it wouldn't take more than a few road adjustments to make sure people dont want to take this road and are forced to use the highway to go to the center of chaos, duisburg.
  7. Averazon

    Dirt roads?

    Personally this is something I am really waiting for. The dirt roads or narrow roads can make it interesting for more experienced players. Also for the regular players to kinda switch the driving method
  8. Averazon

    Truck or car?

    I prefer the truck, that is kind of logic I guess? The car is also fine but I feel it is sometimes a little too funny to drive it. The car only has 2 goals; be a pilot car to guide convoys; travel a lot quicker. You can also drive around in it for fun but that is not really a thing for me to do.
  9. Averazon

    Your goal on TruckersMP

    Having a fun time on the game myself, be a positive addition for others people their ingame drive experience and maybe make some new friends? I guess that sounds like a good plan.
  10. Averazon

    C-D road

    For Calais Duisburg. It will cut off a nice part of highways for anyone going north of France/Belgium. It is a very quick route for people coming from or going to the UK. Let's also face it, some people drive that route just to be that extra traffic in all the chaos.
  11. Averazon

    AI vehicles in ETS2MP

    I feel like this is a good idea but making it real is going to be hell on earth. Many accidents will happen. I would first get a test out to see what the effects are before rolling it out to everyone.
  12. Averazon

    What are you listening to a song on the road

    I often listen to some local radios No idea why but I like the vibe
  13. Averazon

    How to overtake correctly?

    Thanks for the video and info! Always useful Good job!
  14. Averazon

    About the Cars

    I personally like the cars, you can avoid them but I prefer to report the player. Afterall the player drives like an idiot, not the car
  15. Averazon

    Beyond the Baltic Sea

    Really hyped about the trailer! I might even buy it afterall, you got me again SCS lol