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  1. Another busy or calm monday behind us. Don't worry though, we have an awesome week ahead of us to discover :)

  2. Let me help you here with the title. What do you think about trolls and bad drivers. Calais - Duisburg is a nice and busy country road. The route is not the problem but the people showing a bad attitude are. If everyone would show respect to eachother and not drive 140km/h ramming their way to their destination, it would be a perfect and enjoyable route full of awesome truckers.
  3. I think most people at this point dont care anymore. If it is about something small it is mostly just to stress out or joke someone. I never take those things serious.
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    Game "Cities"

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    [Forum Game] 3 words story

    but didnt eat
  6. However I agree and would also do this, you don't fix the overall issue but just ignore it and make it non exisiting.
  7. Hello everyone! I often play TruckersMP and find personally the approach to people very important. I like to communicate in various ways with people, with friends or strangers. I often find myself turning on the CB Radio and hear music, people shout or sing. Generally I turn it off when I load in-game. I don't want to hear other people scream through my headset but I also want to communicate and get to know more people through this way. I feel like the CB radio is a very useful communication device in this game. What do you all think about this? Do you feel like CB radio has become a place nobody really likes, do you think it is useful? I would like to have a discussion about this with the community to eventually gather all feedback and make a suggestion about it. I am looking forward for hearing opinions about this as I was curious ^^ Thank you!
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    The Last Post Wins!

    I thought again but look who is last now