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  1. The time has come to get the trucks out of the garage and remove the thick layer of dust.

    1. aalb75


      Nice to see you  back :)

  2. Funny to see how many people interact with you once you are in the team but when you leave they ignore you😅 ... people will never change, right?

    1. QF_Giulia


      Hai Ave, right 😃

    2. Shayrin


      True story.

      btw why you are not in the team ? I saw it right now. 

    3. Dr Hype

      Dr Hype

      It happend to me too when i was in team xD

  3. Good news! You can now tune in to my shows at TruckersFM! Check out the timetable to listen :D #YourDriveYourMusic

    1. Raeker


      Oh damn! Congrats man. I'll be sure to listen sometime this week 😁

  4. Since the start of the month I decided to take a serious break and reconsider even playing the game. I think a serious break will do wonders to me. Guess I'll see you around October ;)

    1. aalb75


      Enjoy you time off TMP

      Hope you spend your time away on thing you enjoy and makes you happy 😀

      See you in October  😉

    2. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Good luck in the future!

    3. Dr Hype

      Dr Hype

      Enjoy :) Also dont forget to take care :)

  5. Very sad to see that for certain paths plenty of doors open and for others they dont even exist.

    1. twitch.tv/josemurillo94


      for each moment there is a certain time brother you just have to know how to take things and you will see that everything will return to its axis and in a better way your brother life is successful.

  6. Omg :/
    I'm sad to hear that. Good Luck In Real Life!:wub: 
    Have a nice day <3

  7. Good luck in your personal life, friend. :( 

  8. So sad to see you go :unsure: Best of luck for your future, buddy! :wub:

    1. Averazon


      Thank you a lot!

  9. See you again.. :/

    1. Averazon


      I'll stay around ;) just not in the team

  10. Aveeee, nooo.. :( We will miss you <3 

    1. Averazon


      Miss you too bro :c

  11. See you later mate...;)

    1. Averazon


      I will still be around ;)

    2. GameAddict
  12. sad to see you left team, buddy .  Take care yourself. and never give up to do your dream in real life

    1. Averazon


      Thank you a lot bro!

  13. Take care in the future, we hope to see you back one day <3 

    1. Averazon


      Wouldnt count on that too much but thank you c:

  14. Welcome in the team!

    1. Snorlax.


      Thank you! <3

  15. When it's time for you to leave, don't let fear have you looking back at what you are leaving behind.

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