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  1. Title really saids it all. When I go to load up a Promods server everything works fine but when i go to say Simulation 1 my game will freeze or not respond. Not really sure what to do to fix this issue if its even one. Any help would be grateful. Thanks
  2. Does the middle east pack work? Cause its never does for me.
  3. Why not just restrict the speed in like the red zone of the map aka the double trailer areas and make it 150 all around the map? Wouldn't that solve the fast drivers in the busy germany areas and help those who wanna go fast when they're all alone on the map with no one around. Heck even that would make me happy tbh
  4. I just really miss doing long hauls and speeding when theres literally no one around. Just makes it feel alot slower and longer this update. Meh hope it can atlease maybe go up a few more MPH.
  5. I HIGHLY Hate the new speed on the simulation servers. Very boring and it was fun to go about 80MPH or so and make sure you didn't flip or anything. Honestly alot more boring and limited feeling with them. I hope they get put back to how they were or atlease make one server have the old speeds for the love of god.
  6. Yeah, I don't understand. I have the 3 files in there and it works fine on Singleplayer but then MP comes up and it just shows a red! = Nothing. Sigh
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