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  1. ye calasis -Duisburg most people came to that place for having fun and wasting time .specially to make youtube videos like "idiots on road" cuz traffic jam some players raming trolling and some ppl show there skills while driving. but I still don't know why this area getting most active.. but any ways thanx for ur comment my English is not 100% correct hope you got me
  2. wizts4

    What you think about Skoda?

    good but out of control and some times skodas are headach to truckers cuz most of skoda drivers are nooobs <3 that's what I know about the skodas
  3. need to know some player experiences with few places in ets2 MP
  4. wizts4 Released

    I have the same problem bro . Have no idea how to fix.
  5. wizts4

    truckersmp account status

    really thank you .. I found my email confirmation <3
  6. wizts4

    truckersmp account status

    why truckersmp account status:not activated