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  1. Suggestion Name: Other cars for administration and player. Suggestion Description: Hi. I would like the game to be more diverse. What would I like to add to the game buses or other cars than Scout ExtraD. For example, you could create a bus as they appear in the role of Pilots in DLC Special Transport. Or another passenger car similar to an Opel Insignia or other vehicle. And add signals on the roof in all vehicles (for PILOTS and administration [the Police]) in LED technology. Why should it be added?: In my opinion, this would expand the game and it would attract more players and make the game more fun. Any example images:
  2. The worst are those who can not ride normally and now have fashion and winter physics (this is just a catastrophe)
  3. Rainbow Six Sidge World of Tanks Door Kickers Emergency 4
  4. Alwernia (City in Polish)
  5. I love Scania, but Volvo is not bad either
  6. battlespoland

    ETS2 2019

    I would like to see an ambulance with a siren and a traffic signal (in the singleplayer game), the opportunity to buy trailers for special transport, and from the TruckersMP team pilot signal in LED technology in Skoda and maybe some other car than Skoda will find
  7. battlespoland

    Ford F-Max

    It will be available rather in ATS and it looks like the European one is otherwise ford and it will not be quickly introduced to the ETS because it would be the only truck of this brand and there are no Ford dealers on the map. I do not know how it would look.
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