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  1. Ich bewerfe @simpn13 mit einem Scania S730.
  2. Hey Truckers, In the great Real Ops V6 event on Sunday I saw, that the Staff was driving vehicles like an ambulance or a firetruck. For me, it was very interesting, so I spotted the Real_Ops_V6.mp archive in the ProgramData. My goal was to drive the firetruck or the ambulance in the singleplayer. I converted the .mp-archive in a .scs-archive to put it in my mod folder. I also looked and read in the def-files that I know where I have to search the vehicles. I saw, that the firetruck must be a DAF XF 105-Addon (with the inventory of the DAF), but ingame I did not see an extra cabin or an extra chassis for the DAF XF. I want to know, how I can drive the extra vehicles from the Real Operations event in the singleplayer. I am looking forward to your answers. Best regards, Moritz
  3. You need to upgrade your ETS2 version. In your Steam library right click Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> Properties -> Betas -> NONE - opt out of all beta programs Then it will download the lastest 1.32 version of ETS2 and you can play the Multiplayer. regards Dureox
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