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  1. Still hier geworden. Ich eröffne mal eine Diskusionsrunde: Warum trugen Kamikaze Piloten eigentlich Helme?
  2. Gebannt, weil ich jetzt bei dem Uselwetter einkaufen muss (einer muss meinen Frust abkriegen)
  3. I gues you mean that you create an account on the TMP homepage but can't log in on the launcher? Please note that the @ symbol sometimes can not be written in the launcher. To make sure you log in with a complete email adress please write the adress somerwhrer else on you pc, copy it and paste it into the launcher
  4. Please don't forgett to fill in your current passwort and note that you can change your username not in the first two weeks after the last change
  5. Hello, can you post your game.log after the last crash or take a look by yourself if there any errors are shown?
  6. Hallo. It could help a lot to defrag the drive where your game is installed
  7. Mit der einführung der ProMods Server ist TMP einen großen Schritt gegangen. Ehrenamtliche Developer (und andere Staff Member) haben einen haufen Arbeit in ein für den User kostlenloses Projekt gesteckt um so der Comunity einen langen gehegten Wunsch zu erfüllen. Das es in den ersten Tagen bei so einem großen Projekt mal zu kleineren Problemen kommen kann ist normal! Ich bin sicher die Server werden bald stabiler werden.
  8. I also think that this just caurses new big problems. Just imangine you have to stop at red lights and thee are 2 or 3 AI cars in front of you. All that other players will see is that you stop on a red ligt miles away from the traffic light.
  9. I'm really glad to see that most of you take the time to review a ramming situation before reporting it. We all makes mistakes some time and it part of a good comunity not to punish somebody for an accident Thanks for alll this positive answers
  10. Hi, can you upload your game.log (you can find it in the ETS2 Folder) after one of such crashes? Sometimes it helps to find the problem
  11. Ok, nächstes Problem: Wo krieg ich jetzt trotz Männerschnupfen ne Frau her?
  12. Do you report players who rammed you by mistake? I mean not intentional. I personal think that mistakes can happen and its a part of every multiplayer to handle mistakes of the other players. Therefor i dont repoprt unintentional rammings. What about you?
  13. I do websites reports so i have always a video of the situation. Before i report someone i take a look on the video to see if it was an intentional ramming or not. I only report intentional rammings. It doenst matter to me what they say after the crash, also it is nice to hear a sorry if it was not intencional
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