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  1. This sentence is telling me that people rather play with the higher speed limit. The only difference in those 2 were that EU1 was set to 90 while EU2 had 150 or am I missing something? Everyone says that most want less max speed but at the end you had 2 options in the past and went for the speed limit of 150. That is one big reason that people wanted it, not to mention on how many got upset. In the past I drove a lot with 150 on a highway and I remember that a lot of people where also going this speed. You may see going 150kmh as trolling but would you really say people shouldn't be able to if no truck is in sight or you are capable of not putting others in danger and I have never said you should be allowed to crash (I meant that it may happen and that ok). I drive at 150 and stop at red traffic lights when someone is around and a lot of people do it / were ok with it. Back in that time I was in logistics that used trucksbook and made sure they aren't speeding over 100. They didn't mind me even thou the knew that I find that boring going so slow. This does not mean I want to play a racing game too. ETS2 is this wonderful simulator where these arcade physics that make I really love about this game. I have mentioned before that I have read a lot of forums and I keep feeling that people just read the title and leave a comment. I have stated multiple times that the arcade server does not make up for it and that I rather play on Sim1 since it currently has the closest rules to the ones I love.
  2. I appreciate your reply Granite. I do see that maintaining something like that is hard expecially if a lot of mods aren't interrested in it. I have personally also rechecked if I am happy with the update itself as I was mainly talking about empty streets / highway where I would love to drive 150. I have looked into it a bit deeper and it appears that 110 is a solid speed for well driven areas ( which sadly most of them are not included). Seeing your post I do have realised that it won't be as easy as just adding a server like that. Althrough I am still against it I can atleast enjoy a few roads before saying my good bye to this game. Since I have been reading a lot of forums about this I am happy to see that some people who don't agree understand what people are looking for and not just tell them the arcade servers are exactly that or go play different game. It is what it is. This community is growing more to the realistic type every day and if it is impossible to support different player styles the one has to adapt or leave.
  3. I have seen threads about it but they are all closed. I do not get the feeling that most don't read the full discussion. Just like DylanRees had said that bringing those rules back will increase number of trolls and crashes. Not everyone is fully against that and people live with that. The point is that some say adding them adds more fun than trolls can ruin. I would like to point out that there are more types of players here and that there should be a server supporting that. It is totally fine that you don't want crashes and want a realistic experience driving online. I don't want to say that is bad and should be removed. I would like to say that as an addition people should have the possibility to play on a server with those rules again. Maybe just make a test phase and see how many people would like to play on that server. I want to show with this Thread that there are still people who would love to return but don't have a server anymore matching there style. Please remember that Eu#1 was a server like it is now but people still decided to go for eu#2. The lovely idiots on the road videos made people want to play online. C-D road is so well known because people love chaos. I just want more options and a place for the people who want to have fun. There is a demand for this and it isn't that small. Why not give it a try and have 1 server for those. This is a game.
  4. Ah yes the arcade server does not have these limits but it has a different rule which is way more important to people and that is the collision. If arcade servers have collision on we would not have this Discussion as collision is the best form of interation on the Servers. We would like to have a server with the old ruleset as the nice speedlimit of 150km/h and collision turned on made it so attractive.
  5. Hey everyone, I usually play ets 2 a lot, take a long break and then repeat the cycle again. I wanted to play on the Servers again but there some interresting changes have been made. In short I will be talking about the EU#2 Server has it is the one which most people loved. The Eu#2 rules have been changed to the ones close to eu#1 rule set which I find absurd. The reason being that eu#1 rules didn't show a lot of interrest for one. (Going off people who are on the Server [EU#1 1700, EU#2 4200]). For people who enjoy the speed limit and the true simulation of a truck game are able to pick Eu#1. People who have fun in a simulation game that also see it as a fun game to leave the strict rule set and aim more on having fun were able to pick Eu#2. (Please not that it is about the Speed limit and Collision turned on that makes it attractive). Arcade existed before and not much changed. Arcade and Eu#2 are completely different due to the Collision rule. The question here is why we do not give the people that ruleset as the demand seemed to be the highest of all the servers. Allowing this will not turn away others who prefer the simulation as they still have the one that was called eu#1. Yes the demand is lower and they may goto eu#2 due to it having more people online but then again they had more people because of those rules. I am not asking to remove the true simulation server but to add the server that has a lot of demand. Most people play this game to mess around and want the game to be more challenging (ect. making sure to get those corners with 150km/h without crashing). Both players bases can co-exist. If this isn't a server issue why should we limit everything. I personally want to play it semi real (Obey traffic laws except for the speed limit, be able to crash into other and vise versa). I don't mind if I see reckless driving from time to time again, it makes things more interresting since you are in a position which action is unclear to safely get out of it. This is a simulation game but don't forget that this is also a game. With those things said I have put this into the Discussion thread because I want to hear you guys on it because there needs to be some explanation on why eu#2 rules aren't back for 1 Server. Reason why it isn't in suggestion. Wish you guys some happy trucking but for me I will have to lay off for a while since I want to see rl players to be put in interresting positions / talk to them and make driving on roads more dangerous and interresting.
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