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  1. I feel that there really isn't a big enough ATS player base to warrant another server being added, especially for arcade purposes. With an average of around 500 people a night on the us server, probably a handful if that will switch to the arcade server which wouldn't really justify the cost of running it. this is all IMO. I could be wrong, but all my time on the us server i dont hear of very many people wishing there was an arcade server. mainly some people complaining about speed limits which i am perfectly fine with.
  2. Start the game from your games library in steam, a window will pop up asking which api you want to start the game with ex: dx9, dx11, opengl. choose dx11. let the game start in single player. once the game is running exit out and launch from TruckersMp. it should launch with the last settings from steam. This has always worked for me when switching between dx9 and dx11 in both ATS and ETS2 for TMP.
  3. So far i have seen the same argument on both road to sim topics and the same conclusion i keep coming to is this: This is TMP's mod. It is not a democracy. At the end of the day, it is theirs to change all they want whether we like it or not. It is YOUR choice to keep playing. If you don't like the changes, quit playing THEIR mod. It is really quite simple. Everyone has their own opinion and this is mine.
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