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  1. Teammate, congratulations  ^_^

  2. Congratulations boiii 🎉

    1. [RLC MT] G4M3P1X3L

      [RLC MT] G4M3P1X3L

      Thanks Callum! ❤️

  3. Happy Birthday Prime Logistics! You have achieved amazing goals within the past year. Congratulations! ❤️
    Thanks for the amazing convoy today which has been organized by @MattTM And his staff team!


  4. Heya! Many call me Pixel within this community. I am currently 16 years old (soon 17) and I am from the Netherlands however I have always resided in Germany. My main interests are: tech and programming. And my hobbies include: Photo editing, programming and gaming. I really started playing TruckersMP actively in august of 2018. I started playing this game/mod not because I am interested in trucks. But because I love the community and I have never seen a community which was like this up to this date. It is clearly unique. Thanks for reading
  5. My operating system of choice is clearly Android. However I can see why some people might prefer IOS. I tried it. Didn't like it
  6. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy s9 If I could get a new one it would be s10. However no plans to upgrade my phone anytime soon
  7. Thanks for the massive support for Harmony Convoys!
    Seeing so many players coming together with the majority in pink trucks. 

    It is simply amazing. Thank you so much!
    Also a big thanks to my colleagues, @Savage., @davidd. and @sanamaria who I was able to work with once again.
    And also a massive thanks to @Callum Johnson who has been support Harmony from the beginning. ❤️
    And ofcourse thanks to the CC and Media team all the VTCs who were there and all the GMs!


  8. Hey! in this "vault" I will post some of the pictures I take in ETS2 and ATS. Feedback is always appreciated
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