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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to ETSMP and was trying for the first time to install this ETSMP on my iMac using CrossOver that I use to run Windows games on my iMac. I have a Steam account, I was able to download the game, I got up to the install part of where to put the game on your hard drive and everything I click on in my option list that pops open when you click browse doesn't work. I have watched main videos on Youtube how to install this game but those are all for Windows computers. If there is anyone that has tried and got to work ETSMP on there iMac please yet me know what I'm doing wrong where to click on the browse tab to install this game. I have ran ETS2 on my CrossOver and it works great and I also have the Steam Beta OS version on my iMac from Steam and it works great. Thanks everyone who reads this and hopefully we all can find a way to make it work and I can join you all on the road. Cheers. John.
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