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  1. Congratulations on your promotion (support), I hope you can help more people.👏👏👏

    1. Snorlax.


      Thank you, I am trying my best. :)

  2. Congratulations on promotion

  3. Congratulations on promotion

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      Thank you very much :)

  4. 1.“自动定时”→开 2.“自动设定时区”→关闭 3.选择一个时区(例如,UTC + 01:00) 4.重新启动您的计算机进行测试,然后重新开始游戏?
  5. Congratulations on your promotion👏

  6. Congratulations on your promotion

  7. Congratulations, your promotion game host position

  8. Congratulations on your promotion

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Thank you ^_^ 

  9. The map of the Promods server is 2-3 times that of Sim 1. Even if there are 6,000 players online at the same time, they won't be crowded, except for the distinctive roads.
  10. This is the DLC I currently own, I will buy more DLC on Halloween.
  11. I like single trailers because driving is simple, and double trailers are a very challenging driving in northern Europe.
  12. Calais - Duisburg Because there are many players, you can see many funny accidents when you are in traffic jams.
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