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  1. This is the DLC I currently own, I will buy more DLC on Halloween.
  2. I like single trailers because driving is simple, and double trailers are a very challenging driving in northern Europe.
  3. Calais - Duisburg Because there are many players, you can see many funny accidents when you are in traffic jams.
  4. Italy, Northern Europe. Because Italy has dirt roads, and Europe in the north has beautiful scenery.
  5. Suggestion Name: Game ban advice Suggestion Description:There is no video evidence on the official website.Hope in the game when the ban can add evidence Any example images: No video link(This is a legend) Why should it be added?:In order to inform the player of the mistake, so that the player knows the true situation
  6. What he means is if mod voice joins TMP voice, what do you think, instead of suggesting that the game add this feature
  7. This is a good suggestion, but how does TMP control mods?This is a very tricky problem.After all, there are countless mods in creative workshop
  8. Suggestion Name: TPM server road speed limit, it is recommended Suggestion Description:Currently, the TMP server applies the speed limit of 110km/h for expressway and 60km/h for urban roads.I think this is unreasonable, because the limit of 110km/h of the server is to reduce the occurrence of accidents, which is good, we can also slow down the speed to observe the scenery of the journey, but the limit of 110km/h lengthened the time of long-distance freight, leading to the loss of some players.So it's recommended to have a zone speed limit, and you might be wondering what the zone speed is?Let me give you some examples. For example, duisburg, garai and other cities have more people who can limit the speed within the city, but the cities with fewer people can limit the speed within the city, 80km/h. More people can also limit the speed on roads, but the high-speed roads with fewer people can limit the speed at 150km/h Any example images: Temporarily no Why should it be added?:Speeding up a road segment reduces the time it takes to transport goods over long distances,
  9. I agree with you. Regional speed limits should be implemented instead of all regional speed limits. For example, the route of Jialai to Duisburg carries out regional speed limit.
  10. I don't think the number of players has not decreased. The server speed has been changed recently. Although the number of accidents has decreased, the number of players has decreased.Including my friends to play other games which makes me very helpless
  11. Yes, I think so too. After all, there are still jobs.Slow one is perfectly normal
  12. Sorry, I don't think the time to join the TMP team needs to be reduced to 6 months.Because the year is longer, you can reflect the quality of the players and give them enough time to understand the rules set by TPM.
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