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  1. All the positions you mentioned need to be applied for. Currently, there are add-on Team Recruitment, Community Moderator (Forums, Discord, Social), Event Team Recruitment and Support Team Recruitment.There are specific requirements for each position and you can go to the job page for specific information
  2. @xxTH3 B3STxx_TMPI have solved the problem. Thank you very much
  3. Has anybody had this problem? I need a solution
  4. @Beep Boop Coming ThroughI think fishing in Russia takes more time. It's a fishing game.You can try steam for fre
  5. Reducing the number of bans means we have to drive more mindfully and not be sloppy,I think this is a very good modification
  6. Welcome to join the TMP team. I hope your efforts will bring us a better gaming experience

  7. @Schak BruijnCongratulations on the promotion

    1. Schak Bruijn

      Schak Bruijn

      Thank youu CanDGY :D

  8. Congratulations on the promotion

  9. @YaHya_TlmDZYou need to turn the lights on,There is a 15-second prompt before deleting from the server
  10. @_T.x_-A Peng是新建一个文件夹不需要删除原来的文件夹
  11. @_T.x_-A Peng目前这个帖子还没汉化,看不懂可以翻译
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