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  1. NSL-KONVOI / BIRTHDAY-KONVOI FOR GUMMIBÄR JUSTIN We celebrated the birthday of the driver from the VTC-NSL "Gummibär Justin" with a nice convoy. PREMIERE: 22.02.2020, 21:30 (GMT)
  2. Very nice! How can look them soooo great?!
  3. TruckersFM Febuary2020 - Convoy (09.02.2020) Thanks to TruckersFM for this very nice convoy! Also thanks to TruckersMP-Event-Team to secure this awesome convoy! Credits from 3:00 - 3:25 https://m.youtube.com/user/ets2mpofficial Host of TruckersMP-Livestream: @K0rnholio ***Follow this topic to get more!***
  4. Awesome pictures! What’s the name of the grafic-mod? I need it!!!!!!!
  5. I like your banner. It looks very nice. ;)


  6. Its in ProMods in Island on the F208 or F206... i dont know exactly. But its in the near of the central of Island.
  7. It tooks a lot of work. I would be very happy about your Feedback! Follow me for more content.
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