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  1. Hi guys, can you explane me, how i can get the yellow dump trailer for multiplayer? I would be very happy. Best wishes, Elias
  2. Very nice! How can look them soooo great?!
  3. Awesome pictures! What’s the name of the grafic-mod? I need it!!!!!!!
  4. I like your banner. It looks very nice. ;)


  5. I had create a Video about Duisburg-Calais, 2 weeks ago, on my Channel. Check it out:



  6. My biggest wish, is to cut Videos for TruckersMP. But i've seen the global requirements and I don't have them, because of my bans. For your information: I'm driving in the MP every day! Since one year!

    And i don't understand, why an Admin bans me, because I was stucked in a no-collision-zone. This was my first ban. And without this first ban, I could apply me. 

    Now im very sad. 


  7. Im starting a new project today! I want to do a remake of the Volvo-Truck-Ad in ETS.

    I hope that's gonna be something good.



    1. Conwell_


      Sounds interesting! Would love to see the result.

    2. [MCG] Masunio
  8. Home sweet home...


    I would love it, if this were in the MP.



    My Feedback:

    Awsome story. But the editing was not soooo good.
    Maybe a more quicklyer cut and a better color-grading would makes it better.

    But i like it.

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