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  1. no traffic is better it can be rare traffic but nothing more because more people more trouble.
  2. Only problem is when the accident happened they don't stop they think car is small and they're trying passing around accident area but that didn't work.
  3. HayaleeeeT


    I have RTX 2060 works fine.
  4. Actually Its need to be 100KM/h on highway and one way road traffic speed limit need to be 80 KM/h nothing more like real truck drive.
  5. Speed limit from 110 to 120 because the engine get suffocates.
  6. Mine Scania S-R series and volvo.
  7. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/211-recruitment/
  8. No there is no rules about headlights and some people drive with highbeam all the time day or night it doesn't matter when I saw them just flash couple time some of them understand and close the highs some of them ignore and stil drive with all lights on.
  9. I choose the Volvo or Scania 8x4.
  10. Most people driving with high beam all the time day or night doesn't matter even I flash them they don't close the high beam.
  11. Sometimes they didnt check the report one weeks sometime they accept in a day.
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