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  1. HayaleeeeT

    Best truck (specs) for heavy cargo

    I choose the Volvo or Scania 8x4.
  2. HayaleeeeT

    How to use lights properly?

    Most people driving with high beam all the time day or night doesn't matter even I flash them they don't close the high beam.
  3. HayaleeeeT

    Reporting - Does it happen too quick?

    Sometimes they didnt check the report one weeks sometime they accept in a day.
  4. HayaleeeeT

    1.35 version test

  5. HayaleeeeT

    Favorite truck brand poll

    First Scaina second Daf third Volvo.
  6. HayaleeeeT

    How many times are you hit during a transport?

    3 times every drive on C-D road and I report them all of.
  7. HayaleeeeT

    1.35 version test

    I'm trying right now there are some pictures about new trailers and new roads and sardinia island.
  8. HayaleeeeT

    Clips from Multiplayer

  9. HayaleeeeT

    Server 5 No Rules.

    Hi guys if anyone try the new server 5 can you share your video's let see how many people driving or trolling.
  10. People love trolling even when you overtaking someone they speed up or jump your line block your passing and when accident occur they blame you always.
  11. HayaleeeeT

    SCS - A Road to Somewhere New

    Check the beyond baltic sea DLC you can see some russian cities over there.
  12. HayaleeeeT

    Special Transport Rule Reminder

    Which trailer do you mean can you show us the picture of the trailers not allowed on MP ?
  13. HayaleeeeT

    Event Server Request System

    Thank you for the information.
  14. HayaleeeeT

    SCS - A Road to Somewhere New

    its looks some balkan countries maps coming to ets 2.