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Community Answers

  1. I guess everyone choose Volvo when first drive then they change after couple drive to other brands.
  2. Hello there, @Cloofter Everything is good thanks for asking how about yourself ?
  3. When I started in 2015 I choose the Berlin but accidently delete profile and choose Duisburg.
  4. Even if you have latest GPU card you can still get low fps or lag on high populated area you can't escape from that only option you have not drive there when too much player's at same time.
  5. Can be a nice but like other people said TMP can't do this only SCS Software can do that you have to use SCS forum open thread there discuss your idea with them.
  6. First video if he's first mistake probably kick is enough for him as a warning. Second video is more dangerous overtaking there is no accident happened but it's reckless driving. if you report second video of the player and he didn't get punished there is something wrong with result.
  7. I can suggest RTX 4070i NVidia is best Graphic card manufacturing company. And also If you buying these GPU for playing multiplayer games with better FPS don't want to freezing or don't wanna low fps that's not possible on all games some games mechanism is different then others example ets 2 TMP 300 player on same spot one player had GTX 1060 other one RTX 2070 but both of them get freezing and get low fps.
  8. My favorite's Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate and Chocolate bar is Mars brand.
  9. For Maps Going East, Scandinavia, Road to Black Sea , Italy and my new next favorite is West Balkan. For Tuning Pack Mighty Griffin, XF Tuning, Actros Tuning , XF Daf and Renault Trucks T For Cargo Pack Special transport dlc, Volvo construction equipment dlc, high power cargo dlc, heavy cargo pack. For Trailer Pack Schwarzmüller Trailer, Krone Trailer and Feldbinder Trailer. For Tires Goodyear Tyres Pack and Michelin Fan Pack.
  10. if you have video evidence I suggest you to do use website report system its more effective in game report system usually don't work always if you lucky sometimes they check in see your report and take action(but not always.) When you report them in tab report there is a time to take action on that report if the time's out your report goes in trash(I mean nobody see it).
  11. Hello there, @Bob1985 You can try couple step to fix it your problem like reset your router or open from start to command prompt write there ipconfig/flushdns its clear your cache or you can write ipconfig and find your default gateway number and write down example: ping -t like this wait for couple minute then close page try login the game,also you can see your ping when you use this code. Note:Also you can asked to moderator move your thread to HELP section probably you will received more help there.
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