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  1. An alternative solution would be to fix the underlying bug.
  2. Suggestion Name: Toggle in launcher to set/unset "g_force_economy_reset" Suggestion Description: Since so many people are having the no jobs on launching the game issue, maybe a toggle could be added to the launcher that will toggle this setting on/off? Any example images: none Why should it be added?: This would save time and effort of having to edit the config file in the player profile folder, or type into the dev console.
  3. There are more styles like I said, but this is actually still one of my favorites.
  4. I found several other missing commands and updated the chart.
  5. LoL, where is all the car traffic?
  6. Is Scroll Lock the default binding for that command? If so I will add it.
  7. I created a keyboard reference chart including the new multiplayer commands. You can find the chart here: http://isometricland.net/keyboard/chart-euro-truck-simulator-2-mp-mod.php?sty=15&lay=1&svg=0 Enjoy! [edit] Also, if you go to this address you can choose a different visual appearance and style for the chart: http://isometricland.net/keyboard/keyboard.php
  8. What are the extra keyboard hotkeys for this mod, and what do they do?
  9. I read this tutorial but am still confused. Can I import my current singleplayer profile into MP and keep my progress? Obviously I will have to eliminate the mods I'm using. But will I keep my garage, employees, etc.? Thanks. [edit] I tried and it seems to have worked. Not sure yet if anything is missing.
  10. Is there a page that describes what this mod is about? There is a short description on ModDB but I could not find one here at this website. Also, I want to know a few things like: 1. Do I have to create a new profile when playing this mod? (I'm guessing yes.) 2. What other mods does this mod contain? 3. Which cosmetic mods may I use? 4. Which other mods are bad and should not be used? 5. Do I need to buy DLC in order to play this mod? Thanks. [edit] Never mind. There is a Guides forum with a bunch of stuff in it.
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