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  1. Thank you. I'm going to travel around Europe, haha.
  2. Hey,guys! The area of the high-capacity trailers in the game is limited to Finland. I want to know if I use HCT outside of Finland in TruckersMP. Does this comply with the rules of TruckersMP? If this is allowed in the rules, is there a regional limit? Like the previous Double Trailers, it is not allowed to appear in high population areas, such as C-D roads, etc... I did not find any explanation for this in the online rules, so I hope that you can solve my doubts. I am usually in Northern Europe and Northern Germany (only in the northern part of Dortmund
  3. I think there is a project that we can improve in our forum now. It's adding a "back to the top" button to the forum's operating interface. When we look up a community post, we see the bottom post. If we want to see the topic again, we can only rely on the middle mouse button. To be honest, it's a little troublesome. So, I hope that TruckersMP's team can optimize the UI, such as adding a "back to the top". Isn't that more convenient?
  4. @Soul Knight @Caitlin. @Total EDM The problem has been solved.Thank you,guys.
  5. Hello, everyone, I have some questions I want to know. For example,The lamp holder is fitted with the little lights. Will this modification violate the online rules? I just want to make the truck a bit more beautiful. If this is not allowed by the online rule, I will remove the modification.
  6. My confusion has been solved.Thanks
  7. Hello, everyone, I have some questions I want to know. For example, if the front window component in Griffin Tuning Pack is used on Mercedes, will this modification violate the online rules? I don't think this will change the truck's crash model. I just want to make the truck a bit more beautiful. If this is not allowed by the online rule, I will remove the modification. I just add this logo light and don't use other components in the Dlc.
  8. @[email protected] [GER] @DJ Jefferz @[NL/GER] Levi @SuperMouse @KGT I Avro I Owner I really appreciate everyone in the community. Thank you for teaching me this rookie so patiently. In particular, I want to thank to @Soul Knight. He finally solved my troubles. I love TMP.
  9. I really appreciate the help of my friends in the community. I already know the player's information. Sincerely wish you a happy life.
  10. Thank you for your attention. I already know how to find TMPID through username, although I haven't found that person. Maybe he changed his name.I hope you are happy every day.
  11. I tried all the methods you recommended, but there was no way to find him.
  12. Thank you for your help, but I still have no way to search this player. I don't know if it's my input method or any other reason.The results always show errors or cannot be found. @AdaBey @MrJonton01 [GER] @DJ Jefferz @[NL/GER] Levi @SuperMouse @KGT I Avro I Owner
  13. Hello, everybody, I have some problems that I can't solve, so I want to ask you for help. I met some unpleasant things while playing ETS2. I recorded the video at that time, but forgot to record his TMPID. Although I know his username, I can not get his TMPID. What should I do?
  14. Hello, everybody. I had an unpleasant experience while playing online today. I was driving my DAF on the Calais-Duisburg road. At that time, a very fast Scania overtook my left side and his trailer bump into me.My DAF hit the fence on the right and lost control. Then another truck overtook me on the left, but my car was out of control and unfortunately hit him.He said he wanted to report me, and I recorded videos to prove my innocence. If I get banned, Can the administrator cancel my record after my complaint is successful?
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