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  1. Well it was not closed for the race. They made another server for the race. Now its been a week down and it needs fixed cause the euro server is junk for us US members. my ping goes thru the roof then kicked.
  2. We are still accepting apps. Please join our discord to get more information.
  3. I agree with the city limits should be lower but like everyone has said the highways should not be slowed to that point due to it causes accidents and bottle necks. I would say there is a way to cut out the highways but again if they are blocks then it may be impossible? Would love to have a Dev's input if its possible or not?
  4. I love Bob C thoughts. Add the limiter too the VTC owners to regulate. I also believe 45 is just way too slow to be slowed down to on the freeway once you fit any town. I also believe there should be a arcade server for ATS even if it is only 1 server. And the top speed really could be higher even if we as a VTC try not to break the 80 mph line due to real miles on Trucksbook.
  5. I see you all posting about arcade servers but where do you see one. This is an ATS discussion? Arcade is an ETS thing
  6. Ok since you asked..... 1. I am highly upset to the save edit changes since I am one of them that actually likes to save edit and pull different and fun trailers. 2 arcade servers are ok but where is ATS one? 3 race VTC really should be limited since this is a simulation game and most newer american trucks have limiters so i actually like the limiter. plus most accidents were caused by them racing around other players or trolling. 4 and if a road is a congested mess then why no just make it a no collision zone. again my thoughts.
  7. in the save file the accessory for the trailer tires are t-tire or something like that and the kw load accessory is just tire. so since it has the truck tire on the trailer it kicks you for illegal trailer accessory. This is how we can up with the tow truck loads and have been pulling them till save edits were killed yesterday. And that load has never worked in TMP yet.
  8. You all have said it best. When you go up the hill you need to communicate all the way up and down so you can get around each corner without running into each other. but you also need space between each truck to let traffic go both ways.
  9. Hopefully soon they will announce the date for the next truck.
  10. I am wondering is the cargo allowed to be save edited on the normal heavy haul trailer allowed or is no special cargo allowed on TMP?
  11. there are some offroad jumpers and the deepgroves are offroad.
  12. I completely understand this post. I hate cars in a user aspect. but the physics for them really need fixed.
  13. i love the comments but would agree Spintires. Or play in the quarries.
  14. I totally agree with this. I was ETS2 last night and we had griefers that would pace us the hit us and we told them to stop and even slowed and still they keep on doing it. It ended up being a horrible time and ended up cancelling the load and finally exiting the game. But back to point people need to us common sense while driving if your not wanting to join the company then move on. Cause its about having fun with friends meeting new people and truckin.
  15. I love the summer sale I have already picked up some item I passed over.
  16. The ban system of rules i believe are spot on. Maybe a tweek here or there with allowed accessories on trailers or trucks and cargos. The report/ ban standard is what I would say needs some work. The ban should be deserving of the violation. The Mod has choice for first 3 bans but I do see some that go right to Perma for trailer configs, but 3 day ramming. Kinda not fair in my opinion. Ramming should be harsher dealt with then save editing cause the trailer caused no damage to either party. warnings would be nice to cause some just boot you. More mods working ets2 and even ats would be nice cause there are times I bet no one is on moderating. Again just my thoughts.
  17. If im alone no, If im in a convoy yes only so they can pass and be gone.
  18. We as a VTC use the approach to see if traffic is around if none go thru. If traffic is around obey lights and signs...
  19. I try to recruit most places that allow it. Facebook, Discord, In game, Streaming. Just make sure if you do it in discord you get permission or you maybe steeping on other company toes.
  20. My favorite is the 389 stretched daycab (longer fuel range). And W990 in single player. But ultimately its all choice.
  21. I would love to see some other trucks maybe even some newer KW's including cab-overs. Maybe more light options on trailers to really light them up. Same with the cabs. some other businesses to deliver to.
  22. With the traffic there it almost needs one. Especially if you us a heavy haul and need to swing wide and traffic is going the opposite way.
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