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  1. Well it was not closed for the race. They made another server for the race. Now its been a week down and it needs fixed cause the euro server is junk for us US members. my ping goes thru the roof then kicked.
  2. We are still accepting apps. Please join our discord to get more information.
  3. I love Bob C thoughts. Add the limiter too the VTC owners to regulate. I also believe 45 is just way too slow to be slowed down to on the freeway once you fit any town. I also believe there should be a arcade server for ATS even if it is only 1 server. And the top speed really could be higher even if we as a VTC try not to break the 80 mph line due to real miles on Trucksbook.
  4. I am wondering is the cargo allowed to be save edited on the normal heavy haul trailer allowed or is no special cargo allowed on TMP?
  5. Will there be a fix so this load will be allowed on TMP?
  6. If you are looking for a great group of drivers that like to have fun and push barriers, then look no further. We offer rewards for miles ran each month over 20K in raffles. We also recognize if you are a top recruiter, Rookie, and MVP. Out discord always has people in it and active. Requirements Age Restriction of 18+ (Now accepting applications for the 12PK-Junior division.) ATS game (DLCs optional) &/or ETS2 game (DLCs optional) Discord profile (join our Discord) World of Trucks profile Trucksbook Client App installed (apply to company) Truckers MP's App installed Virtual Speditor App (Load Creator) Good PC to run the game with little to no lag on TruckersMP Names must match across platforms (TruckersMP, Discord, Trucksbook) Become A Driver Read over our Requirements and Rules Apply to our company on Trucksbook by using the link provided below Join our Discord by using the link provided below Request an orientation in the “Orientation-Request” channel in discord Part 1: Must go through an Orientation Course before application is accepted (wait period 2-3 days) Part 2: Upon completing your Orientation and approval, must go through Road Course Tests and a Trial Period. (Training Role given) Part 3: After completing your Trial Period you will then become an 12PK Driver (12PK Driver Role given) (how fast you get thru this is up to you) Rules New Drivers must go through one week of Training, Orientation and Road Trial before becoming an 12PK driver Respect company drivers and other drivers Reckless driving is not tolerated 2,500 minimum miles required for the month MAXIMUM speed must not go over 75 MPH, results of speeding will get you a strike Be mindful of all players (In Discord & TMP's CB-Radio) Truckers MP gamer tag: 12PK-TRUCKIN' Have fun and enjoy the community If you're interested here are the links: website:https://12pk-truckin.wixsite.com/12pktruckin facbook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/553326255107791 trucksbook:https://trucksbook.eu/company/27815 discord:https://discord.io/12PK-Truckin
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