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  1. With @Olioak & @sshadmin <3  (The Police lights on my car are Save edited and only i can see them) 1Mds6YE.jpgZH5YmP0.jpg5Nikklw.jpgED84GLa.jpg

    1. Kehox


      " §1.5 - Inappropriate use of language, communication and impersonation of any kind "


      i dont write this message to make any problem to anyone( or you)... but ... the fact that you put your image of modify save edit car public(forum) ( even if only you can see it in game..) ... could/mayby... be seen agaisnt the rules.. ( double standard by the staff to let it be seen.. ) i got warning for some few thing less important than that... up to you to do what you want.. 

    2. Andy_TMP


      Alright. If i'm to "impersonate" Anyone then they would be able to see the lights. But with it being a Local Mod nobody is able to see anything. The Police lights on my car i have had them for a few weeks and nothing has been done about it. I will yet to see that day. There is no proof to show the "impersonation" that i am doing. So unless you want to report me for this then go for it.

    3. sshadmin


      It's a local mod, as long as its not outside of our save editing rules then he is fine.

      With it being a local mod that isn't affecting anyone since we can't see it, I don't personally see a issue with it.

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