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  1. Good Morning! Aa9juIi.jpg

  2. Good Morning!yoQwSwg.jpg

  3. Happy Birthday!:love:

    1. Andy_


      Thank you! :) 

  4. Morning Shift on my Birthday! I'm driving a Scania 143M rPjHKDo.jpg

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    2. DesertEagle26


      Happy birthday :cake: ^_^

    3. .Rhys.


      Happy birthday mate, hope you have a wonderful day, loving the Scania 143m :wub:

    4. Jamie R

      Jamie R

      Happy Birthday! (:

  5. I'm honestly glad i made the choice of joining Prime Logistics. I've been in many VTC's but no one beats it other than Prime! As much as i loved being in Kings Global Transport Prime takes it to a whole new level! Since i've joined it's been nothing but respect and fun! I've taken a few screenshots since i've joined and i'll pick out the best ones. ni3wUPS.jpg7qIqkY1.png

    1. Truck enthusiasts-Lin

      Truck enthusiasts-Lin

      Looking forward to your sharing

  6. I thought this may cheer you up a bit with @Olioak <3 being bad about Canada's special day2T4usA9.png

    1. xXBlazieXx


      I'd drive it 

    2. Koneko_


      stop stealing my pictures @Andy_ 

    3. Andy_


      Dunno what you're talking about xD

  7. Was doing some Loads for Prime Logistics and i find @Olioak @JeffSFC @MattR and decided to tag along with them. Then we ran into @Flindix & @Newo I can tag Chris Camox :( But! it was ana amazing drive i was a bit nervous as i'm driving with 4 GM's and a Game Manager. awyogOB.jpg5OpP3bp.jpg

  8. I join @Krewlex along with a few others on a Drive on ATS! hEOCzlF.jpg

  9. Thanks for the follow! :) 

  10. Sad to see you leave the team!! Hope to see you back in the team soon. :) 

  11. image.png.f8a8e81ec4a6680cdbce4cd8522e092d.pngThis alone shows my activity on the Forum xD I should clear it at some point but rather not. It is pretty blurry but i have 565 Notifications :D quite alot!

  12. Fancy seeing you here now that you have left IFMP staff.  Been a while since i seen you here! 

    1. RussellakaBigTruckerUk1


      resigned bud left due to issue with kiki and him giving oily aka yorkshireman special treatment

    2. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Well, welcome back no matter the reason. :wub:

    3. RussellakaBigTruckerUk1


      i have never left cowie tmp / ets2mp has always been my true home

  13. Since i haven't posted in forever i'm gonna post some pictures of American Truck Sim 1.34 & 1.35 :P The first with @-WWA- and the other is Singleplayer.


  14. I found @Olioak in Brussels.i was with him for an hour at least and he didn't realise! I took a picture and found the best one.ahFwL2Y.jpg

  15. After a few weeks of not seeing @Olioak i come across him in Duisburg and decided to park with him! I took a picture with him! 6ZRxJMk.jpg