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  1. Arcade servers are one option for security, rollback and simulation among others. Many people choose simulation servers - you can see that from the statistics. The road to simulation is paved for a reason. But also for those who want to play a more complex simulation, there is the VTCW (VTC.World) project, for example. In my opinion, this discussion makes no sense. The Arcade server is one option, and everyone can see the attendance of players. Yes, there is an option to avoid collisions, but collisions is both realism and incorrect behavior of some players, unfortunately. That's why there's a GM, there's a Community that sends game reports, and they're reviewed. Correctly stated above - we're playing trucking here.
  2. Simulation. There's the answer. Many people like exactly the simulation, so many on these servers, not on Arcade.
  3. Hi. I'm not quite clear on the first post. Did you create a gameplay video based on a real video? Then there is another video, an overview video. Is that what you mean? If so, here are some of my videos.
  4. As is. It is the 'playful' use of this option that helps keep you in the lane with zero stabilisation.
  5. It's good to see that many people have their favourite semi-trailers! I don't, what they give out at events is what I drive. And I don't have my own, on the profile.
  6. Hi! Why is this here? Why discuss the actions of moderators? Perhaps you will find the answers to your questions in the feedback. There are many players on the servers, all of them of different ages. There are those who are first time behind a game car, there are those who are experienced drivers in real life.
  7. trailer brake , the brake pedal if without a trailer
  8. Happy birthday!  🎇

  9. Good news, thank you! Best wishes for prosperity and success, many new lines of code on the way to Open Beta 1.0
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