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  1. Have you linked your Account on the Website? https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings (this button)
  2. Hey, Have you tested another Profile (save game)? First Log you linked says the save game is Incompatible. I had game crashes in ATS because i unlocked every garage. I reverted the change and it didnt happen anymore. let me know if another/new profile also crashes your game. regards
  3. My current Fav. is any Scania even tho i'm starting to like the Actros again.
  4. Loving it. Brings way more realism to MP
  5. Well.. Scania. Scania Trucks itself look nice and the tuning dlc's make them look even better.
  6. Im super hyped! Excited to drive on the huge map
  7. - Omsi2 - GTA V - The Division 1 + 2 - Forza Horizon 4 - Need for Speed 2015
  8. Late reply but yes, i'm actually using the Feature. Its awesome for long rides.
  9. Sounds interesting - im super excited to see how the community will react to the update
  10. TruckersFM and sometimes some of the German Radios
  11. People that drove double Trailers in Germany (and more) used saveediting.
  12. Nice Guide, more people need to see this Also a little Hint: not everyone should set their Microphone Volume to the Maximum.
  13. +1 Would be usefull for staffs and players. But because some people may find it disturbing or "messy", there should be a checkbox in the TMP TAB Menu to toggle the Timestamps on and off.
  14. Nice pictures especially the last one.
  15. I keep it real, i only turn them on when no one is nearby.
  16. i enjoy the logitech g920. It feels good and it has enough buttons to bind things.
  17. italia for sure, long roads and nice environment.
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