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  1. Hype!! OT: Sorry, Winter Mod
  2. Try teleporting to a Garage with less players in the area. Fixes it for me.
  3. still in love with Italia; amazing roads, scenery and details.
  4. Congrats guys! You do an amazing job with all the events and so on. I'm happy to be here since 2014 and im looking forward to the next years.
  5. This has been discussed so many times now. Short answer: The speedlimiter got added to keep the game more realistic: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/574
  6. [GER] Elias

    Europe 2

    Hi @AllMax As TruckersMP Servers changed there's no "EU2" anymore. EU1/2 have changed to "Simulation" Servers. (ref: https://truckersmp.com/blog/167) This post explains it: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/574
  7. ETS2, because i love the "EU" Trucks, the Tuning & Map DLC's and also ProMods! I do like ATS but i don't play it too often.
  8. Alles gute nachträglich. :D 

    1. Linciano


      Dankeschön Elias! :D

  9. These landscape shots are great!
  10. Hi @Speedy812, Da der MP seinen eigenen "Mod Manager" nutzt musst du dort nichts einstellen. Zu deiner Zweiten Frage: Im MP können keine Mods genutzt werden. Save Edits wie z.B 750hp Engine Mods sind jedoch erlaubt. (ref:
  11. ^ +1 Also make sure to remove every blue light. Enable the lights with the button on the bottom right of your screen, to see if you forgot to remove any of them.
  12. Quick answer: no i have video evidence that i can review later on, if i think it was unintentional ramming i delete the video.
  13. Hello, my Name is Elias & i live in a small part of Germany. I joined TMP back in 2014. I used to to be part of many Convoys back when Europort was famous & I loved it! The TMP Community is one of the best Communities i've ever get to know. So if you see me on the road, give me a Honk or say hello! Besides ETS i play ATS, Omsi2, Forza and some FPS Games. Thanks for reading and happy Trucking!
  14. Have you linked your Account on the Website? https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings (this button)
  15. Hey, Have you tested another Profile (save game)? First Log you linked says the save game is Incompatible. I had game crashes in ATS because i unlocked every garage. I reverted the change and it didnt happen anymore. let me know if another/new profile also crashes your game. regards
  16. My current Fav. is any Scania even tho i'm starting to like the Actros again.
  17. Im super hyped! Excited to drive on the huge map
  18. Yep, always listening to some good music while driving.
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